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CMS-XML Get "RESTORE HEADERONLY" Error when trying to restore Agile acclerator database in mssql.
Get " RESTORE HEADERONLY" Error when trying to restore Agile acclerator database in mssql.
CMS-XML Fields that are moved out the Not Used section or restored from deleted have null values in database
When fields are moved out of the Not Used section or Deleted, they have null values in the database . There is not currently a way to set a default value for the field for items that already exist. In the case of certain field types (binary for example), behavior of the null values may be unexpected.
CMS-XML How to restore a Mariner database.
*No need to do this unless the admin wants to edit job the job to meet the needs of the new environment. The restored production database will retain its job settings.
CMS-XML AE can't reestablish connection to DB at once.
After connection to the DB is lost AE is not able to restore it within first attempt when network connection is restored .
CMS-XML DM_restore issue: Fails with: Error: Unable to connect to the database specified
1. Use CRDB to create a new basedb called HR 2. Run dm_backup to back up the HR database 3. Used DLDB to drop the HR schema
CMS-XML DMCM: How to restore "missing" user registration data following upgrade
There are occasions following an upgrade from an earlier version of Dimensions where user registration information may be "incomplete" due to the differences in the storage of user registration information in the database . This is particularly the case when customers have upgraded from versions of Dimensions prior to version 7.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: How to Enable Oracle ArchiveLog mode on a Dimensions Database.
ArchiveLog is an Oracle function that allows the DBA to recover data up to the time of failure instead of restoring the database to the time of the last logical or cold backup.
CMS-XML How do I move the report server database to a new database server?
Restore the backup to the new sql server with a new name like MarinerReportServer. Don't use the database called ReportServer if there is one on this box because you will probably get errors later about the encryption keys used by Report Server.
CMS-XML TRK: 'Unknown database error (3847)' copying project
This error can also be caused by commas in the filename of the file that is being attached. Either find/ restore the missing attachment(s) or delete the references from the original database . Tracker keeps attachment information in the project trkfile tables.
CMS-XML Archive and then copy of the database results in lost columns
Workaround: Restore the items before copy and then rearchive them afterwards. This has been resolved in Serena Business Mashups 2009 R1.
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