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CMS-XML PE database cannot be deleted until IIS is restarted
If you have used an Admin module to connect to a PE database , you will not be able to delete the database until you restart IIS. The database connections are cached on the PE server, and are not released until IIS is reset."
CMS-XML After altering SBM templates and using the "Put Files to Database" option in System Admin, how do you see changes without restarting IIS?
If you have customized any of the SBM templates you have to open System Administrator and use the "Put Files to to Database " option. Those changes don't take affect until you restart IIS. However, you can use the url below to force the cache to refresh without restarting IIS.
CMS-XML Teamtrack is taking up to 15 minutes to load the login page after restart of the application engine
Teamtrack connected to an Oracle database server is taking up to 15 minutes to load the login page first time around after restart of the application engine. The DB has got about 2 million records and 12400 users organized into 2000 user groups. This scenario has been encountered on the following configuration but it may recur on similar ones :
CMS-XML Update in TS_USERS table made via DB is not reflected in UI
Users are cached by server, so you need to restart IIS after editing DB to observe changes on UI
CMS-XML Can't get NoteLogger / Email Recorder to work in 11.1 when not using the Sample db
You would want to do this for any project that you want to use the email recorder feature for. If you run the following sql on a MSSql database this will set the default value for all projects after you restart the mail client service. BEGIN
CMS-XML Unix w/Oracle DB Installation Failure Causes odbc.ini File To Populate With Default Information
Therefore, edit the odbc.ini file and make the necessary changes. You will need to stop and restart the oplrqb process after making your changes to this file.
CMS-XML Separate the repository DB from the runtime data (issues)
You will need to go into SQL Server Enterprise Manager and create the Repository database. Restart Serena Common JBoss service. The repository is created when Mashup Manager is started
CMS-XML Security problems trigger multiple stc abends requiring restart to resolve
166 TIME=17.49.02 SEQ=10754 CPU=0040 ASID=02A1 166 PSW AT TIME OF ERROR 070C3000 800 DB 042 ILC 2 INTC 01 166 ACTIVE LOAD MODULE ADDRESS=000C7058 OFFSET=00013FEA
CMS-XML Dim cm 14.4 : installation on Centos with a local postgres db fails with this message "Postgres Database creation have failed. Please see logfile: /tmp/dimensions_install/postgres_pre_install_script.log for details."
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 postgres postgres 51 Apr 13 15:44 16734 -> /opt/microfocus/dimensions/14.4/cm/pg_data/pcms_idx To fix it, before replaying a new installation, run the uninstaller to get /opt/microfocus/dimensions/14.4/cm/pg_data folder deleted and to restart from a clean situation In the case that the database was created during the first failing installation then do also this below to delete all the created objects :
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: NT: Cannot restart Oracle after shutdown
Look in d:\sql\orant\ database and there should be a file called
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