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CMS-XML Event Response Code: 500 following the implementation of ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 3 - REST API (Revision-1)
After the customer disabled their AT-TLS rule, the problem was eliminated. They had the AT-TLS rule encrypting all ports AND they had configured Tomcat to secure ports (HTTPS), so it appears that their issue was caused by double encryption.
CMS-XML JavaScript API cannot set a Disabled field
If you have a field which has been set to be Disabled by JavaScript or is Read-Only by settings in Mashup Composer or Mashup Administrator, the JavaScript method SetFieldValue() will appear to set the field, but, on completion of the transition, the field value change will not be saved to the database As a workaround, use a Mashup Script in a Post Transition context to set the value desired.
CMS-XML No capability to set the user to disabled with TSUser class within API
The TSUser class within the API allows you to read/add/update/delete a user within TeamTrack/SBM. However, there is no capability to set the user to disabled.
CMS-XML Javascript API: disabled checkbox changes are not stored in the database
If a change is made to a checkbox during a transition, and that checkbox is subsequently disabled using the DisableField Javascript command, this change is not stored in the database after the transition has been confirmed. The field will be ignored and stays at its previous state.
CMS-XML Teamtrack Web Service API UpdateItem() fails when re-activating an item
The item can be deactivated by setting item.activeInactive to false and calling UpdateItem, but if you try to do the same thing in reverse and set activeInactive to true nothing happens. There is no error and the Update succeeds (you can tell by looking at the change history and the title does successfully update) but the active/inactive field doesn't change.
CMS-XML Retire ZMF usage of IBM's Binder fast data API
ZMF usage of IBM's Binder fast data interface has been plagued by problems (from the IBM side). Whenever customers make use of this API it frequently results in problems which are discovered to be defects in IBM's code. The standard remedy is to disable the fast data API by including a module called CMNBINDZ in the job/steplib.
PDF AE Plug-In Javascript API Reference
Marks the specified field as disabled /read-only, if it is not already marked as such. It updates the field only.
PDF TeamShare API
- This feature is disabled by default. It is enabled through the Display tab of the Settings dialog in the Administrator.
CMS-XML How-To disable a single select or relational field value while not affecting older item records
An alternative to use JS on form load to disable the value is to disable the field, so that it cannot be updated. See the JS API guide at for more information on creating Javascripts.
PDF Java API with Eclipse
... ................................................. 4 Step 6: Disable the email notification ........................................... ...
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