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CMS-XML Last modified date in Revision History of Configurations Database is incorrect by 12 hours if afternoon
If the time an Apply is done in Configurator, and therefore a new revision in Configurations database is created, is in the afternoon then the time is displayed incorrectly by 12 hours. e.g.
CMS-XML Setting UDB/DB2 database parameters for DS installtion
1. Via the Control Center, create a new database by right clicking the Databases Node and select Create -> Database Using Wizard. 2. Fill in the following information and click Next:
CMS-XML Deselection of Propagate Database Information setting is being ignored during installation of Serena Business Mashups 2009
When installing Serena Business Mashups 2009 R1 with the Propagate Database Information deselected (so that each component can be installed to point to a specific data source), the setting is ignored and instead the database settings for the Mashup Manager data source are used for all components.
CMS-XML After making changes using Configure Project, opening the Project Database shows error referring to a non-existent LDAPINFOFILE
To resolve the problem, open the configuration file mentioned in the error message and remove the LDAPINFOFILE directive on the line that is indicated. To avoid introducing the problem on affected VM releases, do not access the LDAP screen from Configure Project for a Project Database that is not using LDAP, unless you intend to add LDAP configuration data. To avoid the problem altogether, upgrade to VM 8.4.3 or newer.
CMS-XML VM: Error setting password for Project Database creation: 'Unable to open the security settings file'
Unable to open the security settings file. Please contact your Serena administrator for further assistance.
CMS-XML MVR: Editing database server settings in Mover gives java error after patch.
at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardHostValve.invoke( To work around this problem edit the following file in the mover install directory. \servlet\
CMS-XML Turn off/disable the use of the configuration settings database for centralized configuration in SBM
To turn off/disable the use of the configuration settings database for centralized configuration in SBM, go to the System Settings -> Configuration Settings tab of the SBM Configurator, select the radio button for "Use Configuration Snapshots", and apply the change .
CMS-XML Error in Configuration Report - ERROR: Unable to read values from Application Engine database.
ERROR: Unable to read values from Application Engine database. This occurs because the following setting is selected in the System Administrator - Override settings for the web server running on this computer. This should not normally be selected unless you specifically wish to override the authentication on additional servers.
CMS-XML Configurator is making many connections to the database when using the Configuration Settings Database
To Workaround either: (1) Do not leave Configurator open, when not in use (2) Use Configuration Snapshots instead of the COnfiguration Settings database - this is set in Configurator>System Settings > Configuration Settings
CMS-XML Configuration settings database table schema used for Centralized Configuration in SBM
Each time you apply configuration, a new snapshot is added to the CONF_SNAPSHOT table as a new record. If centralized configuration is enabled, Configurator runs a background process that constantly checks for new changes in the database . It takes the latest applied snapshot from the database, compares it to the local snapshot, and determines whether there are any differences.
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