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CMS-XML CreatePrimaryItem - SUBMITTER field required a valid user error
The field "createdBy" needs to be mapped with a valid username. This name will be used for the SUBMITTER field. Once the field is mapped, the error should be resolved.
CMS-XML Valid Security Token Required for This Operation Error and User is Logged out of Application Administrator When Viewing System Analytics
>\SBM\Common\Tomcat 7.0\server\default\logs 5) Look for the following entry: "Redirected response body: {"status":"ERROR","results":" Valid Security token required for this operation"}".
CMS-XML How To: A Field Is Marked Required, But The Little Red Diamond Does Not Mark It In Tracker User
Tracker will only show the diamond if that field does not have valid data in the field. As soon as you enter valid data, the diamond will go away.
CMS-XML Required fields of type User cause journal fields to not show in Social view
If one or more DO NOT have a value, the journal fields do not show on the Social view. The problem is that User fields are always considered to be not valid . In other words, if any user field is marked as required, none of the journal fields show in the Social view, even if the user field has a valid selection.
CMS-XML Internal Error: #659 PB 4.0: INTERNAL error, the "no prompt" flag was set and the operation required a user response to continue.
1) Assign a different label 2) Specify checkout with a valid label. BOTTOM LINE:
CMS-XML User single selection field marked as required when not if do a find when more than 250 values
(4) Now try to get the transition to occur without selecting a value. It will say this is now a required field. Even if you search for a valid user and then select "none" you get the same error and cannot complete the transition.
CMS-XML When a user is marked as "disable" they are no longer valid in system fields
Development Manager 1.1Development Manager 1.2Release Control 3.2Release Control 3.3Release Manager 2.0 Requirements Manager 1.0SBM 10.1Service Manager 3.0
CMS-XML The supplied user buffer is not valid for the requested operation
The supplied user buffer is not valid for the requested operation
CMS-XML SSO requires the user to login twice
Development Manager 3.5Release Manager 3.5 Requirements Manager 3.5Service Manager 4.0Service Manager SOO 3.5
CMS-XML Minimum privileges required for the PostgreSQL user with SBM
What are the minimal set of roles and permissions the PostgreSQL database user needs in order to be able to do all one needs for SBM?
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