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CMS-XML "Item Link" appears in transition form if item link attachment is required.
Deploy the mashup. Submit an item to the mashup and try to run the transition which requires item link attachment .
CMS-XML Links to pdf files in email notelogger opens the pdf in the same screen and requires you to close the item and open.
If you use the Notelogger feature with email that puts a pdf link in the note when clicked the pdf opens in the same window as the item and you have to close the item and re-open it to get back where you were. This is different behavior than an attachment that is a pdf where that will open a new window.
XML SLS_export_en_US_SWC.xml
en_US Item Link attachment required
PDF TeamTrack Database Schema
DbVer 500 TS_TRANS_FLG_ATTACH_FILE 0x00200 File attachment is required. DbVer 500 TS_TRANS_FLG_ATTACH_ITEM 0x00400 Item link attachment is required . DbVer 500 TS_TRANS_FLG_ATTACH_NOTE 0x00800 Note attachment is required.
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions Item Details Loading...)", itemid: "$SLS(swc.kanban.itemid, Item Id)", + itemLinkAttReq: "$SLS(swc.kanban.itemLinkAttReq, Item Link attachment required )",
PDF Serena Composer Integration Guide for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System
To maintain the association between Prototype Composer requirements and any attached project items , when publishing a requirement that has attached scenarios or model items , a link is created in the VSTS project between the work item created for the requirement and the work items created for the scenarios or model items . To find out how associations are made between requirements and other Prototype Composer items, see the Prototype Composer online help and read the section on requirements in the Serena Prototype Composer Getting Started Guide. Integration Guide for Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Team System 19
For each published requirement attached (associated) to a scenario or model item , a link is created in Dimensions RM between the requirement object and the scenario or model item object. Similarly, for each published requirement associated with another published requirement, a link is created in Dimensions RM between the two published requirements.
PDF Serena Composer Getting Started Guide
When a scenario or model item with an attached requirement or a requirement with an attached requirement is published to Dimensions RM, a link is created between the corresponding Dimensions RM requirements and Dimensions RM scenarios or model items . The result is that all associations in Prototype Composer between requirements and corresponding scenarios or model items are tracked and maintained through links in Dimensions RM.
PDF Microsoft Word - TeamTrackAPI.doc
bool IsFileAttachmentReq() const - Determines whether a file attachment is required for the transition. bool IsItemAttachmentReq() const - Determines whether an item link attachment is required for the transition. bool IsNoteAttachmentReq() const - Determines whether a note attachment is required for the transition.
PDF Serena TeamTrack Administrator Manual
NOTE Your administrator can require that you attach notes, files, URLs, or item links when transitioning primary items . Required attachments are listed in red italic text to the right of the Actions drop-down list.
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