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CMS-XML How to setup a url that will log straight into an SBM shell like Request Center, Demand Center etc.
Development Manager 3.5Release Manager 3.5 Requirements Manager 3.5Service Manager SOO 3.5
CMS-XML When configured with client-cert security and FIPS, Work Center prompts for certificate on first request
SBM 11.7.1
CMS-XML 413 error (Request entity too large) when accessing Application Administrator, Request Center, or Demand Center
SBM 10.1.2
CMS-XML "A report or search you previously requested is currently being processed by the system" error in Work Center dashboard
SBM 10.1.3
CMS-XML Work Center - "Request failed. Please contact your administrator." error on multi-group or multi-user dependent field with default value
SBM 11.0
CMS-XML Plans tab in Demand Center shows lines across the screen and lists months. Poor screen display.
New installation of Demand Center. Created a plan in SBM and then went to DC to see it and on the Plans tab the screen is as in attachment with lines and list of months poorly displayed.
CMS-XML Dim12: ALF Events: Relationship details are not being sent back to SBM
When attempting to use the ALF Events/Web Services to communicate with SBM and the Default IDM Provider has been set to SBM , the requests are being related to Items as an External Request Provider when we verify the relationship. However, when checking-out, creating a new item, etc., the Request/Issue is not being passed back to SBM.
CMS-XML Cannot run Service Request Center or Demand Center on non-default IIS website and port
Manager 4.5Requirements Manager 4.0.1Requirements Manager 4.5 SBM 10.1.2Service Manager 4.5
CMS-XML SBM: Can log into Work Center, but Repository gives error: HTTP Status 412 – Precondition Failed
HTTP Status 412 – Precondition Failed Type Status Report Description One or more conditions given in the request header fields evaluated to false when tested on the server.
CMS-XML Dim12: SBM2DM Connector: Error: Could not start transition from state Development to state QA (-1) Transition '' is not valid for transitioning item number 2511 (item 34) in table 1006. [(:TSPrimaryItemStartTransition: Error starting transition Start transition failed.
Updated Dimensions Request FAILED.
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