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CMS-XML Check All / Uncheck All does not work on some report templates
Check All / Uncheck All does not work on some report templates
CMS-XML SaaS: Custom Report Templates are lost from production when copy production instance to test instance (after DB refresh)
After the DB refresh is completed, all custom report templates are missing from production DB. They must be manually re-uploaded.
CMS-XML Update All Checked button available on listing reports even if user does not have the Mass Update privilege
Steps to reproduce: - create a listing report using the default template in a particular project - for a user remove the Mass Update privilege on this project
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Reported Defect DEF80322: Web Client preview shows HTML source code rather than populated template
For Internet Explorer to display the previewed change document properly, all that is needed is to ensure that the data formats HTM and HTML are assigned to the change document type. The populated template is then interpreted correctly.
CMS-XML How to change the Weekly Timesheet Report template to show an entire week
The following steps will show how to change the report to always show 7 days of information. This will ensure that you see all of the weekly data.
CMS-XML Issues when using the massselectlist.htm template with a listing report
This can be seen by the following: 1. In SBM Web User Interface select Reports -> Create Report -> Type: Listing -> Next 2. In the following screen, expand "Additional Options" and select the optional default template of massselectlist.htm 3. Click "Preview" button The report results have the following issues: 1. When selecting multiple items and then clicking the "Uncheck All " button at top of the pane to deselect them, only 1 item is deselected, and not all items.
CMS-XML Certain report templates add unnecessary info into auto-generated quick link names
multiview.htm - The name of the report is there, but is followed by a timestamp. For example, the listing report name could be " All Items Report ," but the auto generated name when you go to create a quick link will be something like " All Items Report 03/05/2015 10:10:37 AM" Drill-through reports appear to use this template as they result in having the same problem.
CMS-XML How to open a report in full interface from a url link or report template
2) Select Emails -> Templates 3) Change templates type filter from 'All' to 'Scheduled reports' 4) In all scheduled reports templates change '$ REPORT _URL()' to '$ REPORT _URL()&forceshell'
CMS-XML TT66109: Reported Defect DEF134778: Multi-select values lost in template forms
Make sure the field is available in a submit form and then use that submit form and check more than one name. Once the form is complete click on "Add Link to Your Faviorites". Exit the form and then launch the new liink from your favorites folder. You will notice that some or all the users you click on before you save the templete are now missing
CMS-XML Error processing tag SHOWREPORT in template 'reports/rptexec' (or an included template). (TTerr862)
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