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CMS-XML If you have multiple web servers pointing to the same SBM database and you deploy does each web server get refreshed?
Yes SBM maintains a counter in the database and on the cache refresh interval (configured in the System Administrator) each of the web servers checks with the DB to see if it needs to refresh .
CMS-XML How to refresh a Mariner/PPM database in staging environment with the data from production
This is a safe place where configuration changes and/or upgrades can be tested without affecting the production user base. When you start a new testing cycle, you may want to " refresh " the staging environment with a newer copy of the production data. This document is designed to guide you through a refresh.
CMS-XML Problem: Tracker Manual Refresh from db taking 1-2 minutes
Customer had one workstation that was taking 1 - 2 minutes to do a manual refresh of database . Only one or two items in his in tray.
CMS-XML SaaS: Custom Report Templates are lost from production when copy production instance to test instance (after DB refresh)
SaaS: Custom Report Templates are lost from production when copy production instance to test instance (after DB refresh )
CMS-XML Changing database connection can inadvertently redeploy orchestrations from the prior database
If you change the OE database connection information in SBM Configurator to point to a new database DB (or replace an existing OE database , ie during a database refresh ), orchestrations from the prior database will be redeployed when SBM Tomcat starts.
CMS-XML Dim cm 14.3.2 : "other baselines" filtered view not refreshed after actionning a baseline to the "close" state outside Eclipse
issue is reproducible with demo database in 14.3.2 scenario is the following : -I- With desktop client :
CMS-XML After altering SBM templates and using the "Put Files to Database" option in System Admin, how do you see changes without restarting IIS?
If you have customized any of the SBM templates you have to open System Administrator and use the "Put Files to to Database" option. Those changes don't take affect until you restart IIS. However, you can use the url below to force the cache to refresh without restarting IIS.
CMS-XML Problem: #54 Database Lock Timeout
1. DCS 2.0a addressed this issue for DCS 2.0. 2. Turn off refresh timer in the DCSSYS.INI (PTKSYS.INI) file. Set 'refresh_time=0' under the [Notify] section of the file.
CMS-XML Radial Chart on Scorecard not Refreshing automatically.
1. Login to a database that has the scorecard defined along with the sub views that control the data in the chart. The easiest thing to do is login to the support instance called "Serena Support MOD92"
CMS-XML How to rebuild the Application Repository database
Later, they add a second database for production run-time data. As time goes by, you may want to " refresh " the QA run-time data with the production run-time data. To do this, the Application Repository must first be separated into its own database.
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