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CMS-XML Configurator sets up IDP uri to incorrect jboss server
The work around is to manually modify the file to use multiple workers so that the AE can redirect to the correct SSO server. This will require manually updating every time that the Configurator is applied.
CMS-XML How-To Redirect one url to another / Force Users to Use Workcenter
The rules add shell=swc to all URLs that do not have a shell or which try to request any shell other than “swc” or “srp”. They go in the [SBM]Application Engine\Bin\IIRF.INI because as you will notice /workcenter/ or /tmtrack/ uris are IIS virtual applications. If the uri was something like /test/ then the entry would go int the inetpub\wwwroot\ directory.
MS-WORD Configuring OAuth2 with O365.docx
Add a redirect URI . On the Authentication tab, click + add platform and add a Web platform. Enter the redirect URI your Application Engine server.
CMS-XML Using PDF Widget get "Service Temporarily Unavailable!" or 404 error where the widget should show on the form and advanced troubleshooting
The files has uri mappings at the bottom that tells IIS to redirect such virtual directories over to JBoss/Tomcat to actually do the work. This is where you should see the following entry among others. /DocGenerator/*=worker1
CMS-XML Out of network users communicate with JBOSS on port 443
It will look like the following file. When IIS receives a request, the ISAPI_ REDIRECT will search for the URI in this list. Any URL that contains //servername/sbmconnector will be redirected to JBOSS server; the asterisk (*) here represents a wildcard so that all "sbm proxy" urls get forwarded to JBOSS.
CMS-XML Cannot Run Business Mashups and Version Manager on the Same Server
from: extension_ uri =/jakarta/isapi_ redirect .dll to
MS-WORD Setting up VM Server 6
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Apache Software Foundation\Jakarta Isapi Redirector\2.0] "extension_ uri "="/jakarta/isapi_ redirect .dll" "log_file"="c:\\vmserver2\\VMINET\\tomcat\\logs\\isapi.log"
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions ... single project then redirect page to transition ... // cannot use encodeUri, because it does not encode the reserved Uri characters, and if those // characters are encoded prior to the call, then encodeUri will double encode them // (i.e. will encode the % in the encoding) - self.url = urlstring + (querystring ? ... +* in some exception cases AE redirects us to "error.html"
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions ... out, just redirect to the logout ... Instead, redirect to the logout ... ... ;this. uri =this. ... ... +this. uri +"? ... ... (this. uri ==this ... ... :this. uri +"? ... this. uri .indexOf( ... |this. uri .indexOf( ... ... to make the redirect template work. ... to make the redirect template work. ... to make the redirect template work. ... to make the redirect template work. ... var itemCount, uri ; -var uri = $this ... + uri = $this ...
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions + * Function to determine the script base uri for a script name ... + // Get the script base uri . ... + // Suppress raising error when no install redirect message has been ... + // Need something else here also to redirect after OK ... // redirect anchors to another window jQuerySBM("a").attr("target",
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