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CMS-XML How to redirect to the standard SBM url http://servername/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?
<% Response. Redirect ("/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?", false); %>
CMS-XML SSO Gatekeeper error has occurred: Authentication processing error. Detail Error redirecting to federation services: maximum allowable URL length exceeded
SBM 10.1
CMS-XML SBM: Login screen redirects to idp but never loads and only displays a white screen
After the user entered the URL to the SBM login page, the URL will redirect to idp. However, the page is plain white and never loads.
CMS-XML Some users get "Bad Request" error when attempting to login when they get redirected to the IDP login url.
In this situation this issue ended up being the customers environment was such that a large number of cookies were being set in the users browser before they went to the SBM login page. When the user got redirected to the SBM login screen they would get redirect to the IDP url and would see a "Bad Request" error instead and couldn't login.
CMS-XML Creating redirect in Java Script Presents an SBM message
If you are using Java in a form and you are calling a URL you may be presented the follow error. "If you leave SBM, go to another transition or use this transition for an other item your form data will be lost" The seems to only happens if you are using IE as your browser.
CMS-XML How-To Redirect one url to another / Force Users to Use Workcenter
The setup is configured in the IIRF.INI. There are two of these files in an SBM setup. One in the web site root directory (c:\inetpub\wwwroot, by default), and one in the [SBM]\Application Engine\Bin directory.
CMS-XML SBM: Going to Work Center login gives 404 (Page can't be found)
When going to the work center login screen (such as http://localhost/workcenter), the browser will redirect to the full workcenter URL (such as http://localhost/workcenter/tmtrack.dll?shell=swc). However, then the browser returns:
CMS-XML Notification links go to the SBM view not the ALM shell view
will not be preserved on upgrade. Below is an example email template that will redirect the URL to the ALM shell instead of the classic SBM view. Notice the "shell=alm" section in the URL line.
CMS-XML Can't get to SBM login screen on a client system but you are able to get to the login screen on the SBM server with Single Sign On enabled.
http://<sbmserver>/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll ? You are then redirected to the equivalent of this url . http://<sbmserver>:8085/ALFSSOLogin/login ?
CMS-XML Default Logout Page and SSO Double Logon with SBM
To resolve the double logon, the exit page url should be left blank so that the user gets redirected to the default SBM exit page. Open the SBM System Administrator Go to Options > Settings > Database Tab
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