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CMS-XML RM Schema Only backup and restore has errors
RM Schema Only backup and restore has errors
CMS-XML RM2009: Backup/restore loses relations betweeen RM requirements and CM requests
RM2009: Backup / restore loses relations betweeen RM requirements and CM requests
CMS-XML DIM RM: Closing Backup/Restore window leaves import log open
DIM RM: Closing Backup / Restore window leaves import log open
CMS-XML Do backups happen with Projects on Demand and am I able to restore a project if it gets deleted accidentally?
The Projects on Demand system is backed up regularly but is done so on a system wide basis for system failures and disaster recovery. If you are concerned with certain projects we recommend logging into the planner and exporting the project every once in awhile for backup purposes. In order to restore a project later you can Import the same file that was exported.
CMS-XML Dimension RM Project Backup and Restore problems with Oracle 11
Only use the Legacy IMPORT feature for sample projects: RMDEMO, QLARIUS, and BLANK. Then restoring these projects they must be restored into a PROJECT of the exact same name. If a different name is needed: restore to the same name, then backup without Legacy checked (DataPump), with a restore without the Legacy check to the desired name.
CMS-XML Add P task Component files info into the BACKUP and RESTORE jobs.
But in the BACKUP and RESTORE jobs where are no such comments telling customer how to change the JCL for a P task. Tests show that the BACKUP job needs to run with //CMNCMPNT DD DUMMY
CMS-XML VM: Error: pvcs.exception.PvcsSecurityException: No Access
There have been occurences where virus checkers inadvertently removed ACDB files. Should that happen, restore your ACDB file from backup .
CMS-XML Problem: 62573 Projects do not appear under PROJECT\OPEN PROJECT upon opening PVCS Version Manager
Save the file as PVCSPROJ.PUB and copy it to the PROJECT ROOT DIRECTORY and restart Version Manager and all projects should appear as normal. 2.) Restore the file from backup . For further information on these files and their contents see 62104 Internal File Structure PVCSPROJ.PUB and 62055 GUI Projects And the Text Files That Make Them Up.
CMS-XML When opening PDB, GUI gives "java.lang.NullPointerException at$UserIdTreeBranch.access...."
[Warning] A user with a blank (null) name was found in allusers.ser. Your access control database might have lost some users-- restoring from backup is recommended.
CMS-XML VM 8.6.1: In-place upgrade from VM 8.6.0 fails with Restore report showing a failure for the file gatekeeper-core-config.xml
20190415-164431: Conflict resolution is started. 20190415-164431: Path to backup store : D:\ PVCS \Serena\bkstore 20190415-164431: Restore identifier : 1904051219.75F
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