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CMS-XML Dual frame view does not work with HTML5
Dual frame view does not work with HTML 5
CMS-XML Word Wrap does not work well unless HTML5 is enabled.
Word Wrap does not work well unless HTML 5 is enabled.
CMS-XML Dim RM 2010 R1: Editable Grid::Keyboard shortcuts do not work in non-HTML fields
Ctrl-A, C, X, V etc only work in HTML fields, but not in text/alphanumeric fields. This issue reproduces only in the IE.
CMS-XML Top of Page link does not work in custom state forms HTML Widget
If you add an HTML /JavaScript widget to a transition form and place the content <a href="#top">Top of Page</a> in it the link works fine.
CMS-XML "Format Text" editor for editing .htm notification templates does not work in 10.1.4 or later with HTML 5 turned off.
The "Format Text" HTML-friendly editor for editing *.htm notification templates does not work in 10.1.4 or if you have HTML 5 disabled. The button is there, but it does not open anything when you click it.
CMS-XML Notification emails do not render HTML, previous versions did render HTML
Instead, if the field contains any "dangerous" tags, then all of the HTML is no longer rendered. Instead, the notification displays the HTML code. In SBM 2009 R4 the notification emails correctly rendered the code.
CMS-XML Font size setting for Work Center reports or Workspace reports with HTML 5 on has no effect
In Work Center, the font size setting under the additional options tab of the report builder has no effect at all. Different browsers or toggling HTML 5 has no effect, but reports in the classic Workspace shell do not have this problem as long as HTML 5 is disabled.
CMS-XML Find Reports doesn't work on Internet Explorer if HTML5 Support is disabled. Returns a blank frame.
If you switch off HTML5 Support the Find Reports command link returns a blank frame. This behaviour is exhibited on IE8 and IE11 when HTML5 Support is switched off. IE11 with HTML 5 Support enabled does not exhibit this behaviour.
CMS-XML Word-wrap in text fields is not working when HTML5 is disabled
If you still do not see the problem resolved after performing these steps, double-check the main.css file again to see if the changes disappeared. If they have, reapply the changes and perform the PUT and IIS reset again.
CMS-XML HTML/Javascript Widget Constants are not working
HTML /Javascript Widget Constants are not working
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