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CMS-XML Mandatory User Field does not turn green when populated on some custom forms
On some custom forms mandatory user fields stay red, even if a value is selected from the drop down .
CMS-XML KM-DIM10: RM Browser: Click to populate gives error: Unable to open specified file
Windows Problem Description: When trying to log in with RTM Browser clicking on the drop down arrow for Database selection gives error: "Unable to open specified file".
CMS-XML How to populate the Milestone dates on the Summary Form
Open any task, and go to the General tab (on older versions, this is on the details pane for the task). You will see the Project Milestone drop down . This should be the same list of milestones that you see on the summary view.
CMS-XML Multiple builds for new components does not populate the BUILD PROC.
When you attempt to perform multiple builds for newly checked in components into a package the build panel requires a selection for the Language and the Build procedure before continuing. Now, you are able to select a language but not a build procedure (as none is presented to me) and on selecting finish to run the build I get a message stating that I must "make a selection in the Drop down list ".
CMS-XML Dim10: Selected Request ID not populated in Create Item dialog
2. Select the Request on the left hand window and the related Part in the right hand window. 3. From the dropdown menu select File -> New -> Item The selected design part ID is populated, but the selected Request ID is not.
CMS-XML Dim10: Valid Set Attributes do not Populate the same Between Desktop/PC and Web Clients
On attributes tab, before selecting any other values, select 'Desktop_west' from the 'Target System' drop down . Note that 'Environment' and 'Deployment type' are automatically populated.
CMS-XML Relational Grid: Auto-populated sections confuse grid's initial values
The presence of this field confuses the grid into mistaking the regular field for the hidden element it uses to maintain and submit selections -- this is why Composer normally prohibits the field from existing on the form alongside a grid. The grid will accidentally pre-select all options available in the standard field's dropdown , even if it's supposed to be a single relational field. This causes UI glitches and spam in the grid's value display.
CMS-XML Web Client: The drop down's for the Request Selection Wizard does not work when description for change request type contains apostrophe
If the description for a change request type contains an apostrophe character then the initial screen for the Web Client's, Request Selection Wizard will generate errors. The drop-downs for 'Product name' and 'Type name' do not work (for example, selecting a value from the 'Product Name' drop-down does not populate the form), and nothing happens when we click the button next to the 'Affected design part' text field.
CMS-XML Attribute with a dropdown list stopped working.
Attribute with a dropdown list stopped working.
CMS-XML Keyword search brings dropdown list
Keyword search brings dropdown list
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