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CMS-XML Error "Please Contact Your Administrator" shows on forms when you open them.
User is shown the error "Please Contact Your Administrator " on EVERY form ( state and transition) after loading a form with an embedded report widget that cannot find the report it references. In other words you don't get this error on the actual form with the embedded report widget you actually see it on the next form you click on so it's very confusing as to what is causing the error.
CMS-XML Selecting a new form in Mashup Composer does not necessarily propagate to the Mashup Administrator Project
If you are chosing an alternate form for a State or Transition (ie. other than the Quick Form) in Mashup Composer, the change is not always seen in the Mashup Admiminstrator Project after the mashup is delpoyed.
CMS-XML SBM for SharePoint: Add file on state form adds duplicate attachment
A duplicate file attachment is created in SBM when a user adds a new file attachment from the state form (one file attachment is added by the current user and the other is added by “ Administrator ”). This issue is only seen if you used the sample Contract Approval process app in the same environment and activate events. This problem only affects SBM items in projects that are associated with SharePoint sites.
CMS-XML Please change the two default images used in default state form
They are loading icons so that there is an indication that the form is still loading, as the formatting javascript is still executing. If they remain on the form it is because some error has occurred, usually a javascript error. Contact support for help to investigate further.
CMS-XML SBM: State Forms very slow after upgrade
There is no easy way to determine if slowness you see is the same as the slowness caused by this defect. If you think you are impacted by this defect, contact support for analysis.
CMS-XML When you promote a project it does not take the default state or transition form if you have selected
Workaround is to manually set the default form on a project basis in the administrator after promotion
CMS-XML GetMultiListValues field method doesn't work on state form with true parameter.
Bill Admin Carmen Chief Officer Hans Tester
CMS-XML Fields on state form show as centered
Fields on state form show as centered
CMS-XML XML code that is in a text field is hidden on state form
XML code that is in a text field is hidden on state form
CMS-XML Copy State Form to Transition Form Transition Form to State Form or Copy a Form in Composer
Copy State Form to Transition Form Transition Form to State Form or Copy a Form in Composer
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