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An XML generated promote of a package with DB2 components needing a bind has the code generated to reset the return code in the BIND step regardless of the setting of the BIND FAILURE SIGNIFICANT setting in local DB2 Admin. &NTBINDF is not set correctly.
CMS-XML Bind control must be in the CMN package for new DB2 binds
I have a new DB2 program that I put into a Change Man package. When I promoted (or installed) the package , no bind took place.
CMS-XML Demotion Bind Error In DB2PL, when a DBB only bind is changed to DBB + PKG bind.
CMS-XML Bind-Plan-statements get intermixed by CMNDB2PL with the Bind-Package statements
If you have a DBB, PKG and DB2 SRC member in the package when CMNDB2PL is invoked during Promotion or Install time the SQLERROR(NOPACKAGE) parm has been added and the RELEASE(COMMIT) has been lost from the bind -plan. This has been recreated on ZMF 6.1.1.B. Steps to recreate are as follows: Create a simple package
CMS-XML ISPF/XML services inconsistency setting variable &DBBSTG when promoting pkgs
When shipping the components to a remote promotion site via XML Services this results in a JCL error in the DB2 bind step because no 'remote.modeldsn.DBB' dataset will exist to be specified in the DBBSTG DD statement.
CMS-XML Promoting package with only DBB and/or PKG components receives JCL ERROR.
The reason for this is that it is possible for a developer to check-out BIND control to make changes to it (e.g. make a change so that PLANs/PACKAGEs are used instead of just PLANs). If the BIND control is changed, then a promotion is required to make this change available within the DB2 system catalog. However, since the CMN$$PRB skel assumes that a DBRM staging library exists in the DBRMLIB concatenation during a promote with DB2, a JCL error results.
CMS-XML Staging DBR dataset should not be used in BIND step, for selective promote.
1) Create 2 sets of DBB/ PKG /DBR/LOD DB2 components and baseline them. 2) Checkout and modify the DBB/PKG/DBR/LOD for one set and only the DBR\LOD fro the second set. 3) Fully promote all the components.
CMS-XML The NTBINDF variable is unreliable when multiple logical DB2 subsystems are a target for promote.
The above problem does not occur during installation of a package containing DB2 components. The NTBINDF variable is not available during the file tailoring of installation JCL. Therefore, binds performed during package install (job CMN21 or CMN32) behave as if " Bind Failure is Significant".
Promote a ZMF package containing DBRM DBDBB001. CMNDB2PL will query the SYSPACKAGE table and find that the DBDBB001 DBRM has been bound to a DB2 PACKAGE. Package bind control is not found, causing CMNDB2PL to end with a non-zero return code.
CMS-XML CMNDB2PL generating invalid null record in bind control cards
A customer running the version of CMNDB2PL encountered a problem promoting a package containing multiple DB2 components. The CMNDB2PL-generated bind cards being passed to the bind step contained a null record (80 bytes of x'00's) which was not present in any of the input components. This resulted in the following messages being written to the JESMSGLG: CSV003I REQUESTED MODULE NOT FOUND
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