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CMS-XML PCLI get command on UNIX client throws "could not read the information stored in the archive" error, but the desktop client GUI running on the same system has no problems getting this file
In this context, the command "groups" should include the group "pvcsgrp" for every user of Version Manager on this system. To confirm if setuid mode is playing a factor, you can temporarily disable it for PCLI and the desktop client GUI by setting the environment variable PVCS_NOSUID prior to calling PCLI and assigning it the value true. Bourne shell variants:
PDF Serena ChangeMan Version Manager PCLI User's Guide and Reference
... the project by assigning it the value ... ... operations, this file will use the ... ... alse -2 PCLI command not found ... A non- PCLI related error or ... 10 The specified file name cannot be read -11 A ... PCLI User's Guide and ... Chapter 3 PCLI Command Reference ... the specified versioned files . ... completion -2 PCLI command not found ... A non- PCLI related error or ... 10 The specified file name cannot be read -11 A ... Where entity specifies a folder, project database, project, or versioned file . ... PCLI User's Guide and Reference 145 Chapter 3 PCLI Command Reference
CMS-XML PCLI ScanPDB does not detect PvcsID error / How to fix "Unable to read pvcsid file" error
Starting with Version Manager 8.3, the PCLI ScanPDB command will both check for and automatically fix problems resulting from a bad or missing pvcsid.ser file.
CMS-XML How To: PCLI : Check out files in a Project Database from command line using PCLI
The attached script will read the project database and check out the files contained in it to the appropriate workspace specified in the script. You must fill in the variables in the script where noted. To launch the script from the command line, enter:
CMS-XML PCLI: How to list files containing a specific promotion group.
There is a "quiet" mode as well. It displays just the files meeting the criteria. Change the command to read :
CMS-XML PCLI script to automatically add new files and check-in updates to existing files
The attached PCLI script scans the workfile location(s) for the given project(s) and automatically checks in changes to existing files and adds files that don't currently exist in the project. The script does not
PDF Microsoft PowerPoint - 574-BOM4 - Track4 - Richard Gering - Leveraging PCLI [Read-Only]
null The performance advantages of using PCLI scripts become even more prevalent when a File Server is used, because files read from a File Server are locally cached for the duration of the PCLI session (File Server Client Cache). null
MS-POWERPOINT Leveraging PCLI to extend the use of Version Manager
ExaminePDB.pcli Scans PDBs for common problems, and reports all journal file locations. A REVOLUTION IN DEVELOPMENT
MS-WORD How to Maximize Performance in Version Manager 6
Therefore, this executable will load the needed jar files from the server. A result of this may be that PCLI takes longer to start a task. A separate modification to the ISLV.INI file will allow local jar files to be read for PCLI .
CMS-XML VM/PCLI: How to list all project databases under a specific base location
The PCLI command "ListProjectDB ... z" can scan a drive, ... ... :\> pcli listprojectdb -z ... :\Program Files \PVCS" ChangeMan Version Manager ( PCLI ) v8.1.4.2 (Build 507) for Windows NT/80x86 ... C:\Program Files \PVCS\vm\common\SampleDB ... Context help from PCLI ListProjectDB -h ... -t[ File | File 53] ... File lists only ChangeMan Version Manager 6.5 project databases. File 53 lists only ChangeMan Version Manager 5.3/6.0 project roots.
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