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CMS-XML TRK: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL server] Create file encountered operating system error 3. The system cannot find the path specified while attempting to open or create the physical file <filename>.
How to get around error: TRK [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL server] Create file encountered operating system error 3. The system cannot find the path specified while attempting to open or create the physical file <filename>. When creating a SQL7 or SQL2000 database from Tracker Administrator, user encounters this error .
CMS-XML VM I-Net: Permanently failed loading native library (path\vmi660.dll The system cannot find the file specified)).
When accessing the VM I-Net Web Client in Version manager 8.4.5 and newer, you may run into this error : This error is derived from a file called .serena.vm.applet.config located in the users home directory (e.g C:\Users\username
CMS-XML Build error: "Unable to transfer file .. (The specified file was not found in system).
Insure that root's environmental variable PATH includes make, and any compilers or executables called in the make procedure.
CMS-XML Dim10: Undoing checkout for directory items creates errors of Cancel Item - NCL4501262E Error: Failed to checksum file
CIU "TEST:A1.A-UDOC;1" Cancel Item - NCL4501262E Error : Failed to checksum file "c:\temp\test_dir_item\test_dir_item\" (32, Failed to map file c:\temp\test_dir_item\test_dir_item\ into memory (CreateFile() failed with 3 (The system cannot find the path specified . ))).
CMS-XML Using View as HTML from the VM I-Net web client may result in the error "The system cannot find the path specified"
Users of previous VM releases can avoid this error by ensuring all files in a project use the project's default workfile location and not a modified one. For files causing this problem, use File | Set Workfile Location to change the workfile location of the file (back) to "." with the workspace selected in which the location was changed.
CMS-XML Error: INT APPROVED: Invalid file path specified to SccOpenProject for PowerBuilder
"Invalid file path specified to SccOpenProject," while attempting to connect to the SCC API in PB 5.0.03. User is getting the message "Invalid file path specified to
CMS-XML MCLG: Migrating or Copying project and get The system cannot find the path specified
You can get this error if your mssql files are set to not auto grow with unrestricted file sizes. The file size was set to 10mb for instance and the .log file that was being copied was 20mb then you get this error during migration when the file size reaches it's max.
CMS-XML DIM10 - error 2343 specified path empty
This error is receive during installation before any files are copied over. This error is due to missing Dimensions registry information. If an uninstall is done but not completed there will be missing entries in the registry.
CMS-XML Problem: #1485 Specifying UNC path to VM SETUP.EXE from File / Run does not work.
Specifying a UNC path to run SETUP.EXE file / run for work station configuration causes the error message:
CMS-XML Receiving error 'can't retrieve file 210 - connection aborted with destination host'.
Modify the vcs_serv.ins file so that the location of the main server is specified . Remove the comment mark and insert the ip address for which the license was assigned.
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