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CMS-XML MCLG: About installing and setting up the correct Oracle JDBC drivers for Collage
MCLG: About installing and setting up the correct Oracle JDBC drivers for Collage
CMS-XML Get "Error occured while getting messages: JDBC exception on Hibernate data access" in ns.log using Oracle
Get the following error in ns.log over and over using SBM 11.0, 11.1, 11.2 with Oracle .
CMS-XML SRA: Installation: When installing Serena Release Automation with Oracle, what should the JDBC connection string look like?
The JDBC Connection string should look something similar to the following: jdbc : oracle :thin:@[DB_URL]:[DB_PORT]/[SID] For example:
CMS-XML SRA: Problem using the JDBC plugin to create an Oracle Function
[sql] Executing resource: c:\sra_work\****.sql [sql] Failed to execute: CURSOR REP_SPL_CHAR(c_str CLOB) IS SELECT SUBSTR(c_str,level,1) AS str_char FROM dual CONNECT BY level <= LENGTH(c_str) Error Executing SQL Scripts: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA -00900: invalid SQL statement
CMS-XML Release Automation - Oracle database install requires JDBC Drivers
Note: if you running Oracle 11 you need to use ojdbc-1.6.jar That file cannot be found in the specified directory.
CMS-XML SRA 4.x / server installation : where to find the jdbc driver filename ?
in this case, Oracle is already installed on the machine where the user wants to install the SRA server. See the screenshot attached here, the SRA installer requires user to give the location of the jdbc driver filename.
CMS-XML DA: DA fails to start correctly if Oracle identifier contains a hyphen
hibernate.connection.url= jdbc \: oracle \:thin\:@nodename\:1521/SERVER-TP
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: During upgrade to Dimensions 10.1.2 with Oracle 9i database get error message Directory Not Found regarding the Oracle Home directory
This issue has been submitted to R&D for correction. A trace of the installation script revealed it was searching for a file named: $ ORACLE _HOME/ jdbc /lib/ojdbc14.jar.
PDF SDA: Migrating from Derby to Oracle
... ............................................... 4 7.5 Specify the JDBC jar file ............................................ ...
CMS-XML Notifciation Error: No Dialect mapping for JDBC type: 101
This is a problem with a column type that Oracle only created in certain versions before it was deprecated. To fix the error with "No Dialect mapping for JDBC type: 101" you need to change data type for all columns with type BINARY_DOUBLE to FLOAT. To prevent this, before upgrading, columns of type of BINARY_DOUBLE-s (if they exist) have to be changed to FLOAT-s.
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