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CMS-XML POA: Packages Install Prior To Approval (Web & Java Client)
Packages are being installed prior to approvals taking place.
CMS-XML Online Form (OFM) approval notification not working for MVSSEND and BATCH
For MVSSEND: SEND 'CMN4600I - Change Man package awaits your approval .',USER=(60CHANGE) For BATCH:
CMS-XML Inconsistent logging of package approval requests
The behaviour of the online processing has been traced back from as far as 5.3.6. However, from the description shown to customers viewing the log ('20 Approve a Package'), and lacking any documentation stating that this is only designed to list final approvals (which may or may not be the case), the current services processing would appear to be working as documented.
CMS-XML ChangeMan DS Should Not Allow For Approval Of Linked Package
The ChangeMan DS Web /Java client should not allow for approvals of a linked package. This should be performed by ECP. If you create a ZMF package and link it to a DS package and approve the package in DS, you will receive an error message saying that "Approval of this package is allowed from ChangeMan ECP only". ECP does not change states from FRZ to APR, it only does approvals at the FRZ state.
CMS-XML Copy error received when staging SERENA loads online
When attempting to stage SERVER and SERVTAMT loads online a COPY ERROR is received. Batch stage is OK and the modules are copied even though the following informational message may be received from IEBCOPY:
CMS-XML Inconsistency with Online and Batch Revert with Online Form status
Currently if you do a online revert of a package that contains an online form (OFM), the status of the form changes from FROZEN to APPROVED. However if you do a batch revert, CMN65, the status of the form stays at FROZEN and and does not go back to APPROVED .
CMS-XML Removing licenses from a user who is assigned to a Workflow approval list causes empty rows in the list.
1. Log in to Admin module. Create a new Approval list consisting of a single user (user must be licensed for Workflow View in web , in order to assign user here). Save approval list.
CMS-XML Dim: ONLINE: $RELATE is sometimes ignored
(0) Baselines were successfully replicated, (1) failed. 4. Replciation fails as not all items are replicated due to Item 2 not being related to a non existant design part on subordainte - OK 5. Create missing DP on subord
CMS-XML V7.1.3 ERO: “MSG=CMR6504I - No information found for package search request” - Block and Approve functions
z/OS version is V2.2. The message below is produced when an attempt is made to block this release using either batch or online mode, or by using an XML service: “CMNVSRVC RC=0008,MSG=CMR6504I - No information found for package search request”
PDF Web サービス開発者ガイド
... b6e9d-e75a-4841-be1b-9c358affb797</ae:uuid> </ae:group> <ae:group xsi:type="ae:GroupIdentifier"> <ae:displayName>CR Approval Board Members</ae:displayName>
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