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CMS-XML MCLG: About installing and setting up the correct Oracle JDBC drivers for Collage
Verify that the OCI drivers are in the system PATH environment variable. To find the OCI drivers, you can look for the file oci.dll . As an example, the file may be located in C:\oracle\ora92\bin (Oracle 9i) or C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1\BIN (Oracle 10g).
CMS-XML ALM: During install get error: Unsupported Oracle home selected
The installer expects that there will be a bin folder contained within the Oracle Home and that the bin folder will contain an sqlplus.exe that can be run from that directory. (This means there should probably also be an oci.dll in that directory or somewhere in the PATH.
CMS-XML DimCM 14.5.1: Oracle 19c: Announcing Oracle 19c Support for Dimensions CM 14.5.1 on Windows and Linux
DimCM 14.5.1: Oracle 19 c: Announcing Oracle 19 c Support for Dimensions CM 14.5.1 on Windows and Linux
CMS-XML "sqlerrm = ORA-20000: Unable to set values for index [index name]" errors during Data Pump import.
When users import Dimensions CM data into an Oracle 19 database via IMPDP, it may return the following messages: Processing object type DATABASE_EXPORT/STATISTICS/MARKER [index name] : sqlerrm = ORA-20000: Unable to set values for index [index name]: does not exist or insufficient privileges
CMS-XML Mashup data import fails on Oracle string imports > 512 characters
Error code: 03/18/2009 14: 19 :00: ***** Killer Import Error: Data truncated. (ODBC native: )
CMS-XML Dim12: Desktop Client: Not able to login to Desktop Client, got the error "ORA-12640: Authentication adapter initialization failed"
DMAPPSRV 2014/09/16 09:30:18 I P11228 T12160 Connecting to cm_typical@DIM10 DMAPPSRV 2014/09/16 09:30: 19 E P11228 T12160 Pcms error: 0, Error: Unable to connect to database "cm_typical" DMAPPSRV 2014/09/16 09:30:19 E P11228 T12160 DBI0004527E DBIO: Database I/O error occurred
CMS-XML Oracle database upgrade error from TT 6.6.1 to 2009 R4 - "Number of bound columns exceeds the number of result columns"
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 02/22/2011 19 :09:29: Exception occurred in file:
CMS-XML Error "ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol" when connecting to Oracle
When the SBM driver is using a different protocol version than the Oracle server, Oracle will refuse the connection and fail. To learn more the protocol versions, reference the Oracle documentation (currently at oracle / oracle-database / 19 /netrf/parameters-for-the-sqlnet.ora.html#GUID-1FA9D26C-4D97-4D1C-AB47-1EC234D924AA )
CMS-XML Distribution Reports error message : ORA-01008: not all variables bound
CMS-XML Dim10: When running the ETL job for Command Center, an error of 'Error: In import job '*** [Dependency check for object 'REC_DASHDELTA' (TYPE)] ***', some error has occured: org.webdocwf.util.loader.LoaderException: Exception:ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied' occurs in the log file
The section from the log file is as follows: Import definition *** [Dependency check for object 'REC_DASHDELTA' (TYPE)] *** is started at Jul 19 , 2007 1:29:48 PM. Error: In import job '*** [Dependency check for object 'REC_DASHDELTA' (TYPE)] ***', some error has occured:
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