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CMS-XML NTFYURL truncated.
NTFYURL truncated.
CMS-XML Blank ZMF package names being emitted to RLM
All alf events being sent to the address specified in the started task NTFYURL parameter are being set to blanks.
CMS-XML FF: CMNO004I CMNENTFY Unable to connect to Notify server.
CMNENTFY is unable to connect to Notify Serverr when the NTFYURL parameter is configured to use an IP address instead of a host name: NTFYURL=''
CMS-XML CMNENTFY process does not update checkpoint date when global parms are locked
The CMNENTFY process runs in the ZMF Server started task and works by scanning the ZMF log file for all ZMF log records that have been generated since the last successful execution and sending them as events or transactions to the location specified in the NTFYURL parm When the process completes successfully a field is updated in the global admin general record (<eventNotifyCheckpoint
CMS-XML No log record written when install fails in CMN21 rather than CMN20
20190716 075813 SERS DEMA000063 S001 Failed Package Install However, if the package contains DB2 components and the CMN21 fails for any reason we do not execute CMN29 and write no such log record. This appears inconsistent and can complicate the way in which RLC/ALM Solutions Connector tracks progress of the package installation as, without a log record, no ALF event will be sent to the NTFYURL address in this situation.
CMS-XML Mainframe Connector Extensions: Mainframe Configuration for accessing ChangeMan ZMF from SBM
Configure the NTFYURL ; this is the URL SBM uses to send information to SERNET through the server. See Configuring the Notification URL and the related topic, ChangeMan ZMF Event Handling .
CMS-XML RLC: Troubleshooting the RLC to ZMF integration (Turning on ZMF trace logging)
The Event Notifier reads the SERPRINT and sends any events back to the ZMF Connector via the value in the NTFYURL parameter (found in the started task). The NTFYURL must be in the format of:
CMS-XML SBM: How to Troubleshoot a SBM to ZMF integration (Turning on ZMF trace logging)
If the connector cannot reach ZMF, those errors will also be in serenatomcat-stderr.log or serenatomcat-stdout.log (by default located at C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\common\tomcat\8.0\logs) Step 4: ZMF will run the job and communicate back to the ZMF Connector ZMF gets the location of the ZMF Connector from the NTFYURL , which is part of the ZMF started task.
CMS-XML How to troubleshoot the RLM (Release Manager) 4.x and ChangeMan ZMF integration
No changes in ZMF are reflected in SBM Verify that the SERNET started tasks contains the NTFYURL parameter in the following format. IMPORTANT:
PDF Serena Deployment Automation Guide
3. When the ChangeMan ZMF operations complete, an event is sent from the SERNET NTFYURL and the Deployment Automation listener detects it. When the operations are complete, Deployment Automation retrieves ChangeMan ZMF information through the listener and puts it in the Deployment Automation execution log.
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