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CMS-XML Email notification templates for Serena Service Manager
The email notification templates for Serena Service Manager are not included in the database of release 1.0. They are attached to this solution and should be copied to the installation directory \Application Engine\emailtemplate\ notificationtemplates . Then go to Administrator and do a Put files into Database.
CMS-XML SDA: How to create or edit notification templates
Creating Notification Templates Notification Templates are XML files located in the server’s conf/server/ notificationtemplate
CMS-XML Email notificaiton templates are missing from Serena Service Manager 1.0
The templates can be downloaded from the Knowledgebase - see S138127. They should be copied to the installation directory \Application Engine\emailtemplate\ notificationtemplates and a PUT FILES performed from the System Administrator.
CMS-XML On UNIX a custom notification template is not honored for a notification.
All custom notification template filenames need to match case (upper case vs. lower case vs. mixed case) in 3 different areas: 1 - The Windows Server (the \ notificationtemplates directory) where the TeamTrack Admin is running 2 - The TeamTrack Database (using the "Put Files Into Database")
CMS-XML Duplicating template locale versions for each process app from snapshot
Extract mss file. Compare notificationtemplates folders. They have same content.
CMS-XML Line breaks in notification templates are translated into
which causes rendering issues in Outlook
(1) Stop IIS and then open the System Administrator (2) Go to the template in the file system - default location is here - C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\SBM\Application Engine\emailtemplate\ notificationtemplates (3) Edit the required changes in the template and save
CMS-XML Email notification template isn't synchronized when using Network Load Balancing
1. when they edit Email Template using client PC-C, PC-C’s local disk’s (\\emailtemplate\ notificationtemplates ) template is updated. At the same time the WebServer-A & WebServer-B’s C’s local disk’s (\\emailtemplate\notificationtemplates) template are not updated. so they waited for a night, but no change.
CMS-XML Handling Customized Templates on Upgrade
TeamShare\TeamTrack\emailtemplate\MailClientTemplates\backup – Contains backup copies of e-mail templates used for e-mail submission. TeamShare\TeamTrack\emailtemplate\ NotificationTemplates \backup – Contains backup copies of e-mail templates used for e-mail notifications. TeamShare\TeamTrack\emailtemplate\SelfRegTemplates\backup – Contains backup copies of e-mail templates used for self-registration confirmation and password change requests.
CMS-XML Date field values are blank in notification emails
at at NotificationTemplate .process( NotificationTemplate .java:181) at
CMS-XML Notification Server Email Header Information
the Notification Server machine and put into the following directory: [SBM Install Directory]\Business Mashups\Application Engine\emailtemplate\ notificationtemplates This change should take effect immediately and does not require any services to be cycled.
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