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CMS-XML Email Notifications For POA & Non-POA Should Be Treated The Same
Using POA to send email notifications causes each userID that is a member of a group to be displayed on the "TO" field of an email. Using non-POA to send email notifications causes only the userID that the email is being sent to to appear on the "TO" line. Because of the difference in behavior, it can cause problems when too many email addresses appear on the "TO line".
CMS-XML Notification server log contains "A different object with the same identifier value was already associated with the session"
If your Notification Server seems to have stopped sending emails, you may a message similar to this in the log :
CMS-XML Opening a link from an email notification to Work Center is slower than the same link to Classic SBM
When using FireFox as the default browser, when clicking a link from an email notification that opens Work Center, it takes about 4-6 seconds to open. When clicking a link to classic, it only takes about 2.
CMS-XML Under specific circumstances, the same email notification is sometimes sent with less fields OR some of the fields give the value as asterisks
If a user who is getting a notification does not have permissions to see some of the fields, those fields will be missing or the values will show as asterisks. This is by design. However, sometimes this will happen even when the user has permissions to the fields. The
CMS-XML Notification Rules containing Fields with same name not displaying correctly
Two fields share the same field name (DB Field Name is different, of course). One is a text field and the other is a single selection field. When creating notification rules, the fields are listed in the following order:
CMS-XML Notification for date only field equal to start of today sends only when date is tomorrow
Date only fields do not work correctly when used in certain notification rules. The following notification rules only send when DateTest (date only field) is set to tomorrow's date and will not send when it is set to today's date:
CMS-XML Unable To Modify Notification Rule if two have identical names
Steps to Reproduce: 1. Select a notification rule and click the Edit button. 2. Make a change to the rule's criteria and click the OK button
CMS-XML ERO : Better approve-notify-behaviour by the same ordernumber
A customer has an approver hierarchy with the ordernumbers 0010, 0010 and 0010 and two further approvers with the ordernumbers 0030 and 0070. At first the three approvers with the ordernumber 0010 get the message to approve, which is correct. However, the system after the first approve of ordernumber 0010, the next 0030 ordernumber in the list are notified , instead it should really wait for the two Approvers with the ordernumbers 0010 before 0030 are notified .
CMS-XML Duplicate notification emails
A customer reported that she received duplicate notification emails from TeamTrack. They were the same notification from the same item, but this wasn't happening to all notifications or all users.
CMS-XML After upgrade to SBM 11.6, users randomly get duplicate notification emails
In the ns.log, you can see two threads being created at exactly the same time. Both threads generate an email and send it to the user.
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