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CMS-XML Notification is showing the sender as server name rather than user
Determine which notification is sending the server name , then make a change to the rule that is attached to it. You may be able to change the rule back to the way it was originally once it is saved.
CMS-XML Notification server not sending email - Error: Sender address rejected: Access denied
Uncheck the box "Display name in e-mail address from notifications " if you have to use a standard from and reply address because of mail server constraints.
PDF Serena ChangeMan DS Administrator Guide
239 ecm.production.area 239 ecm.production.path 239 ecm.server 239 Edit permission area level 148 user/group level 96 Edit permissions 106 editing areas 132 e-mail notifications area signoffs 158 changing sender properties 206 specifying "From" name 238 specifying SMTP server 238 EnableAuditSecurity 54 EnableImpactSecurity 54 enabling automatic setting of read/write 210 login log 207 enabling case sensitivity 209 End User area create, delete, and edit permissions 106 defined 128 permission to access node 93 End User user template Administrative Permissions 107
PDF Serena® Mariner® 6.2 Administrator's Guide
4. In the Notification Sender's Name box, type the name of the e-mail notification sender's name , typically “Administrator.” 5. Leave the following boxes blank: o Notification Sender’s Name o SMTP Server Address o SMTP Server Port 6. In the Notification Queue Server Name box, type the name of the server that will host the notification queue.
CMS-XML How do I change the server name in email notifications to have fully qualified domain name in the url?
On the Agile server open the Windows registry with regedit.exe Find the following key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Serena\Agile Planner\WebServiceClients
CMS-XML How do I change the server name in email notifications and the Copy URL option to use a fully qualified domain name in the url?
On the web server open the Windows registry with regedit.exe Find the following key: Mariner/PPM -- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Pacific Edge Software\WebServiceClients
CMS-XML Unknown sender for SLA notifications from SBM
To work around this problem, specify an e-mail address in the Notification Server "Default From Address" field in SBM Configurator. If set, this value (which is set in the TS_SYSTEMSETTINGS database table as SMTPFromAddress) will be used for SLA notifications (even if the "
CMS-XML Dim10: Notification email URL does not work correctly if DataBase name contains '_'
Notification emails contain a link which invokes Login to the Dimensions server ; however, the defaults in the Login for Database name and server have to be corrected. If the Database name contains '_' (underscore character, it was displaying html code).
CMS-XML Why do some email notifications show the From user in the email as the SBM computer name instead of the user? Like servername$@servername
Depending on the settings in Configurator for the Notification server itself you can can select that the From and Reploy to Address show as the user that ran the transition or last modifier etc. If that user doesn't have an email address in their profile then the From field looks like below instead of a real email address.
CMS-XML Dashboard opens but all graphs give "Error attaching to Reporting Server: NAME"
Error attaching to Reporting Server: NAME The reporting server may not be running or may not be properly defined in the Client Communication Configuration file. Please notify your server administrator
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