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CMS-XML Notification service gives error "Log entry string is too long. A string written to the event log cannot exceed 32766 characters" and must be restarted
Notification service gives error "Log entry string is too long. A string written to the event log cannot exceed 32766 characters" and must be restarted
CMS-XML Change for Notification and Escalation rule name saves incorrectly
Steps to reproduce: 1. Go to Application Administrator-> Notification . 2. Select any Notification and press Details.
CMS-XML Open parenthesis on first line of notification rule not recognized giving a "The parentheses do not match" error on save
When trying to use an open parenthesis on the first line of a notification rule, it is not recognized and is giving an error of "The parentheses do not match. Please try again." on attempting to save the rule.
CMS-XML Errors in ns.log when using User Channel (console-plugin-1.1.jar) for Notification Monitoring and logging in ns.log. ERROR: Write operations are not allowed in read-only mode
When using the console-plugin-1.1.jar we provide as a User Channel on a notification with 11.1 there are two errors thrown at the end. The notification fires correctly and and the logging to ns.log is working. It just finally throws two errors like this:
CMS-XML Can't get schedule reports to send and see this error in the ns.log " Exception Thrown while processing Notification Event 'Scheduled Report: Smith, Joe: Listing of Issues'. java.lang.NullPointerException"
When you locate the records open each of the users in the App Admiin tool and alter the loginids to make them unique. Run the sql again until it returns no rows. After fixing this you will have to restart Tomcat in order for the scheduled report notifications to start to send again.
CMS-XML Notification emails not sent and not getting errors in ns.log when SocketTimeoutException
When there is a SocketTimeoutException exception when trying to send a notification email from SBM, the exception is not properly handled and even though the email does not get sent out, it does not write an error to the ns.log and the email is removed from the TS_NOTIFICATIONMESSAGES table as if it were sent successfully.
CMS-XML Error "Incorrect current password" when adding users to the E-mail Notification CC Users
On the User Profile, on the General tab, when you start typing in the "E-mail Notification CC Users" field, a new field called "Current Password" is added to the screen. Then, when you click Save Profile, you get error " Incorrect current password".
CMS-XML Warning when adding Notification to SLA "Sorry, You cannot modify clause action because SLA is out of date."
- choose SEND E-MAIL as the action - click on Save Expected result:
CMS-XML Notification Server settings "Check errors every" and "Send warning e-mail after" are ignored
Beginning in, Configurator writes the values to as:
CMS-XML Error "Found unexpected type" when creating new notification rule
When creating a new rule for a notification, you attempt to save and get the error "Found unexpected type". As a workaround, sometimes you can save the rule by changing the fields and criteria, save , then change the rule to be what you originally attempted.
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