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CMS-XML If you stop the Notification Server in the Configuration Utility, it will not process notifications until JBoss is restarted
Reproduce as follows: (1) Check the Notification Server working and sending emails (2) Go to the Configuration Utility and select manage services and "stop" the Notification Server only and wait a few minutes
CMS-XML Notifications sent to large number of users cause Notification server to hang
The above problem occurs when a large number of users are subscribed to the same notification. This will generate long running transactions leading to hung processes and notifications .
CMS-XML DIM10: How to stop email notifications for pending items on Windows server
4) Wait until the Dimensions listener and especially the dmemail process is entirely shut down -- this can take a few moments. To check, use these steps:
CMS-XML Orchestrations and/or notifications stop running after server is restarted
The dynamic ports are designed to be temporary. There is an above average chance that some TCP-based process temporarily ends up using one of them, especially after restarting the OS. The port may technically no longer be "in use" by the time Jboss is started, but if the port is still in a TIME_WAIT state (which can take a couple of minutes), then the OS will refuse to let another process use that port, which effectively is the same as if it were still in use.
CMS-XML Dim10: dmemail server process won't run properly or restart manually
Users stop receiving mail notifications and a review of the log shows no errors: DMEMAIL: EML0011101D auto: dmemail autoscheduling starting DMEMAIL: EML0011048D Processing config /apps/serena/dimensions/10.1/cm/dfs/email_config.dat
CMS-XML Problems with notifications - date-testing routines can cause issues and kill NS processes
There is a possibility that a rule which checks datetime values in fields can cause Notification Server processing to stop without any visible warning.
CMS-XML Items stuck in TS_NOTIFICATIONEVENTS table when jboss restarted, causing some notifications to stop functioning
After doing some research it seems like any row in this table where the ts_threadid is not null is seen to be being processed currently by the notification server so it's assumed it's being worked on. The problem is that certain items would never leave this table and certain notifications would simply stop firing.
CMS-XML Delayed notifications stop working and do not send
Notifications with delays can stop working and not send if there is a delay notification that has a delay condition that uses a field that does not have a value on items. This causes those notification events to not get processed for the delay and they will build up in the database. The default setting for the Notification Server is to process 600 delay notification events per cycle and if there are more than 600 of those stuck delay notification events, the working delay notifications will not get processed and all delay notifications will not be sent.
CMS-XML Error in Mashup Administrator when Click options/manage services - Error: The service 'Serena Broker Service' could not be opened. You will not be able to start or stop processes.
This error message is correct as a client install does not install the broker service and subsequently not the mail client or notification server .
CMS-XML Notification Server Cycles and Troubleshooting (TeamTrack through SBM 2009 R4)
When emails are not going out as expected, after ensuring the notification server is up and running, the notificaiton server log is usually the next thing you will want to check. You can usually isolate the cause by finding where the mail stops showing up in the processing cycles, if it shows up at all.moun
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