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CMS-XML Get$findCCUsers in ns.log when user has bogus entry in CC list in user profile and nobody gets the notification sent to them, not even the primary recipient
One other side affect of this problem is any notification that ran into one of these bogus cc list entries will put an entry in the TS_NOTIFICATIONEVENTS table but since the email was never sent will remain in that table and not be removed like it typically would. Consequently you will see a message like this in the ns.log file and that notification won't fire anymore even after fixing the cc list.
CMS-XML Dim10: Notify Originator on Closure email only generated if user doing Close has the request in their pending list
If, for example, the pending user is sick and the action to CLOSED is performed by CHANGE-MANAGER without having the request in his pending list, no email is fired and no entry in the MAIL2PROCESS table is produced. In Dimensions 9, the email "Notify Originator on closure" was always generated irrespective of which user performed the action.
CMS-XML Notification rules that check if there is text in a field or not
For notification rules (or termination rules) to fire when a text field is filled or not filled, you can enter a rule that checks to see if the field contains any text at all. Such as:
CMS-XML Notification escalation seems to be raising 7 escalations instead of just one per logfile
(1) Notification server has been written so that it is multi-threaded (2) There are 7 threads by default (3) When a notification is fired and it has an escalation associated with it then there is an entry written to the database.
PDF TestBridge 1.0 for Mercury TestDirector
The TestBridge Notification triggers the data exchange between the TeamTrack and TestDirector databases. The notification fires when a primary item is submitted , transitioned, or updated in a TeamTrack project configured to integrate with TestDirector.
CMS-XML Notification events for archived items give Application Log error: "Record xx, in Table xxx could not be found"
... NAME: ( notification ) context - ... ... in Table xxx could not be found. ... the middle of submitting this item. ... : These steps are not very realistic, ... ... workflow such as Submit > NEW > ... ... ) Setup a notification as: ... Any item is submitted ... Any item I submitted changed to inactive Notify : Any user ... 3) Submit several items. ... you get email notifications . 7) Verify that the items are no longer in the primary table and have been moved to the TVUSR table. ... 9) Wait 5 minutes for the notification to fire again.
CMS-XML Troubleshooting Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Problems or Notification sending problems.
... : If MSMQ is not installed on a ... If the Notification Queue does not exist, you ... Create the notification queue: Do not check the Transactional ... ... Windows 2008 this isn't the default and ... ... MSMQ queue but don't ever leave the ... the correct permissions are not set. Start ... ... Environment Settings | Notification Settings. Set the Notification Queue Server Name ... server machine ( do not use localhost) ... Set the Notification Queue Name to ... ... , you would enter "private$ ... ... the Pacific Edge Notification Processor Service is ...
CMS-XML Notifications won't fire and oledb provider doesn't work with Data Services
Notifications won't fire and oledb provider doesn't work with Data Services
CMS-XML Notification with filter criteria "investment type has changed" does not fire
[Repro Steps] 1. Create a notification with type=Investment and Trigger=On Update 2. For any investment, change the investement type.
CMS-XML Notifications are not being fired, since upgrade to SBM 10.1 or later, when populating TS_NOTIFICATIONEVENTS programmatically
Professional Services have often implemented and the community forums discuss the firing Notifications by directly populating the TS_NOTIFICATIONMESSAGES AND TS_NOTIFICATIONEVENTS tables.
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