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CMS-XML Cannot merge SSV versions back into a ZMF package
ChangeMan ZMF 5.3.5
CMS-XML SSV not honoring Yes / No option on CMNCMP03
ChangeMan ZMF 7.1.1
CMS-XML Problem with deletion of Staging Versions - No CMN8716A message.
ZDD is not preventing such users from using the “Delete” function and when Staging Versions are deleted in ZDD by non-Admin users, then the versions seem to just disappear in the background of ZDD, but they don’t disappear from the list of available Staging Versions. This discrepancy is leading to subsequent error messages when trying to access (View, Compare, …) the “deleted” versions again in ZDD .
CMS-XML SSV Change Description screen is not being displayed when Smart Editor integration is used.
ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack ZMF 4ECL 8.1.2
CMS-XML No BAS information for Staging Versions if the baseline is defined as PANVALET.
ChangeMan ZMF 5.2.0
CMS-XML SSV definitions in CNTL member SVRSTOR do not match what is in INITIAL3 and RESTORE
ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 2
CMS-XML MONITOR/LIMBO ‘DE’ command to delete package does not cleanup up package records in SSV
ChangeMan ZMF 8.1.4
CMS-XML CMN5052A - message ID does not exist. when adding a like other libtype to an appl with SSV
ChangeMan ZMF 8.1.1
CMS-XML RUNFOR parm starts shutting down ZMF task five minutes prior to the designated time with no mention of Grace period until actual shutdown happens
ZMF task begins terminating SSV address space, HLL address space, closing IA and closing VSAM files five minutes before the RUNFOR time is reached. ZMF task remains up for five more minutes, but users cannot logon. When RUNFOR time is reached the following messages are displayed and task shuts down immediately:
The license files looks to be ok and they have PARM='LIC= SSV ' specified in the execution parms.
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