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CMS-XML Dim cm : dm_make: *** No rule to make target `all'.
Dim cm : dm_make: *** No rule to make target ` all '.
CMS-XML Promoting a snapshot does not update a Project that was previously deleted from the target environment
There are two ways around this behaviour. One is to recreate the project on the development environment's side under a different name and to promote a snapshot of that environment. Please note that in this case you need to recreate all links that pointed to this project from other assets, e.g. notification rules , scripts etc, as well.
CMS-XML Notification or rule fails to move to target environment during promotion
In checking the database, there was no UUID for the new notification or rule. After testing, the problem could not be reproduced.
CMS-XML VM 8.6.1+: PVCS Version Manager Server Admin utility (vpadmin) does not report failures to configure IIS ARR rules
shows failures locating the rewrite rules: WARNING: Target configuration object 'system.webServer/rewrite/globalRules/ rule [@name='PvcsReverseProxyRule-InboundSetHttpProtocol']/match is not found at path 'MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOST'.
CMS-XML User Error: PVCS AnswerLine #343 Get didn't find archives in Builder
Defined rule to create a .H file from a .H_V had a space between the source and target macros. This caused a problem with filename specification; version manager does not want a space between the archive specification and the workfile name contained within parentheses. Remove space between $(_Source) and $(_Target).
CMS-XML Issue with Entering a State Trend Reports when decision rules are involved - missing results
If you use the Entering a State Trend Report and there is a decision state between the source and target states then the item will not be included in the results.
CMS-XML Software Error: #654 .sys.acm generalized rule mistaken for ScanDeps' .sys directive
directive. Builder will not issue an error; the only symptom of this problem is that the generalized rule is not used to build your target . This may be fixed for CB v5.1.4; until then, the work-around is to rename the .SYS
CMS-XML Dim9: Makefile on ZOS is not being preserved.
If a built target matches an exclusion upload rule , then the Dimensions server simply proceeds to the next target instead of aborting the process of target preservation which is what it does currently. A warning is still placed into the build job log.
CMS-XML How To: Footprint an executable that was not produced by Config Builder
In order to achieve this you basically need to write a build script that will build the Target as normal but using dummy compiler calls it also requires certain operations at the prolog and the Target build generalized rule , the following build script can be used a template # A script that will do a dummy build and work out the # dependencies and then footprint them to the already built exe
CMS-XML Notification rules UUIDs are being reset to NULL on any rule update
When one tries to promote following warnings appear in the log : "WARN -- Import: Missing UUID for 'ACHD Merchant - External contractor XYZ' in node 'Rule'." Both notification and rule are promoted, but, in the target environment that notification is not associated with this rule (in the When field).
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