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CMS-XML CU: Import PFX gives error: the file doesn't contain certificates with private keys
Use a program such as Keystore Explorer to the PFX and rename the alias of the private key . If you are unable to download or do not have access to an appropriate program then do the following. 1. Add the SSL certificate to Windows.
CMS-XML No Keypair entries found in the file when importing certificate into SBM Configurator
When importing a PFX or PEM file into the SBM Configurator, the error No Keypair entries found in the file is displayed. This means that the PFX or PEM does not have a public key, private key and complete chain of all certificate authorities responsible for signing the certificate.
CMS-XML Can not import certificate without private key in Composer in FIPS mode
If you want to use the same client cert authentication key pair to secure each of your Composer machines, you cannot use the Export -> Public and Private Key Certificates option in Composer if FIPS mode is enabled.
CMS-XML VM: How to use a pre-generated SSL certificate that includes the private key with Tomcat in the PVCS Version Manager Web Application Server Cannot recover key
CMS-XML Users are getting an error indicating that the SSL certificate is not valid
1. Open IIS Manager 2. Find your SSL Certificate and export it with its private key to a PFX file, e.g. mycert.pfx . Assign a password to the file.
CMS-XML Security vulnerability. rm_key.pem contains private key of server in plain text
Security vulnerability. rm_key.pem contains private key of server in plain text
CMS-XML The directions below are for installing a self signed certificate and connect to Application Engine running on an IIS Server with SSL enabled on the gsoap virtual folder.
5: Select the tab named "Detail" 6: Click the "Copy to File" button 7: in the wizard that pops up select the radio button labelled: " No , do not export the private key " and click "next"
MS-WORD SSL Certificate with own CA Certificate with SBM SSO Server.docx
Servercert.pem Contains the server certificate (public) Serverkey.pem Contains an encrypted PKCS#8 DER format of the private key , no password Create the following directories and copy the above files into these directories:
CMS-XML SBM Configurator should warn if a key certificate entry is being imported in a trust store
The SSL server credential's certificate does not have a private key information property attached to it. This most often occurs when a certificate is backed up incorrectly and then later restored. This message can also indicate a certificate enrollment failure.
MS-WORD Hybrid Single Sign.docx
The keystore in the HSSO server does not match the public key in the OnDemand database. This is the error when the public and private key don’t match: “faultDetail: <Explanation>Untrusted endorsing credentials</Explanation>
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