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CMS-XML Problem: Tracker slow with WIN 95 and SQL Server Using Named Pipes
Problem: Tracker slow with WIN 95 and SQL Server Using Named Pipes
CMS-XML Incorrect SQL Server Port Appears in the Configuration Utility
If your current SQL Server DSN uses the Named Pipes protocol instead of TCP/IP to connect to the database, the wrong SQL Server port might appear in the Configuration Utility for the Application Engine database. As noted in the pre-installation checklist in the Installation and Configuration Guide:
CMS-XML km-dim 10 : more information about how the file “dimensions_local_connect “ is used by Dimensions ZOS agents
Each time the server/listener starts it creates the named pipe using that name and listens for local connections on it. You can't have two different listeners running on the same system use the same named pipe Local connections are a means of connecting a client to the server with the same credentials as the user originally used at login.
CMS-XML Problem: From Trk Inet, Error: SQL State=S1000...Invalid attribute in connection string: WKID.
In most instances they were not using TCP/IP to make the connection. By default Named Pipes is used.
CMS-XML TRK: 63850: Unable to connect to SQL Server from Tracker and an error message "OS Error 10061 ConnectionOpen(connect()), Msg No. 10004 Severity 9 State 0...." occurs within isql_w
The error occurs because the client has been set for the default Net-Library to TCP/IP sockets and the SQL Server is listening only on Named Pipes . Either configure your clients to connect using Named Pipes or install the network protocol of TCP/IP sockets on the SQL Server.
CMS-XML How To: #814: Troubleshooting an Oracle 7 connection
driver_prefix is a letter identifying the network protocol being used. The driver prefix can be as follows: P ( named pipes ), X (SPX), B (NetBIOS), T (TCP/IP), D (DECNet), A (Oracle Async), or AT (AppleTalk). Check your Oracle documentation for other protocols.
HTML Serena Business Mashups 2008 R2 Readme
Application Engine and Mashup Administrator Issues The SQLExpress sample database ODBC defaults to the Named Pipes network library on Windows 2000 server installations. The about will throw an error when connecting to the database with this configuration. In order to connect without an error, configure the Mashup7 ODBC connection and select TCP/IP as the network library.
PDF Serena ChangeMan ZMF ERO for Release Manager 4.0.1 Web Services Reference
3 - Regular file. 4 - Named pipe . 5 - Sumbolic link.
PDF ChangeMan ZDD .NET Programming Interface Guide
Name Value Description Fifo 4 named pipe (not used in Serena Network) SymLink 5 symbolic link
PDF ChangeMan ZDD 7.1.2 .NET Programming Interface Guide
Name Value Description None 0 unknown Directory 1 directory CharSpecial 2 character device (not used in Serena Network) File 3 regular file Fifo 4 named pipe (not used in Serena Network) SymLink 5 symbolic link
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