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CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Replicator Licenses are only available as 'Named' and not 'Concurrent'
KM-Dim9: Replicator Licenses are only available as ' Named ' and not ' Concurrent '
CMS-XML When does SBM return named and concurrent licenses? How long is an SBM license in use before it is released back into the license pool?
When does SBM return named and concurrent licenses? How long is an SBM license in use before it is released back into the license pool?
CMS-XML Why does my SerenaLicenseServer.log file show more named license checkouts than get_concurrent_usage reports?
When a named license user logs in from multiple computers (permitted because the users.lst file has multiple entries for this user), the SerenaLicenseServer.log file will show every attempt to check out the named license
CMS-XML How Seat Licenses and Content Licenses work with SBM Concurrent and Named Licenses
and BusinessMashupsRequestor_seat licenses . As of SBM 2009 R4
CMS-XML ttlicenseusage.log only records concurrent licenses for the "full" user and not named
If you switch on logging of license usage in the Admnistrator you do not currently get named licenses logged. Only concurrent licenses are logged.
CMS-XML How to prevent named users from using a concurrent license
file and specifically deny individual named users for a given license type from using a concurrent license of the same license type. Instead of consuming a named license and
CMS-XML Error msg on UI when re-getting concurrent license after Timeout
- License Manger 2.1.4 with Professional Named and Concurrent Licenses - Named is fully consumed 1. User logs in with concurrent license.
CMS-XML SBM Seat and Content licenses show as Concurrent licenses in SLM
The SLM GUI can only differentiate between named licenses and non- named licenses when showing the license counts. The non-named licenses are shown in the Concurrent column, which is problematic for license types that are neither named nor concurrent.
CMS-XML SBM users sometimes consumes the wrong license for users that have named licenses assigned to them
Scenarios for users of these license types include them sometimes: Consuming a concurrent TeamTrack license Consuming and being assigned a named TeamTrack license (only when auto-create is enabled for named TeamTrack licenses on the SLM server and there are unassigned licenses)
CMS-XML Error: All named licenses are in use
08:21:36 (merant) DENIED: "Dimensions_named" MARY@nodenotused (All named licenses are in use.) If another license key is available (for example, a concurrent key for the same product), then the license management software would check out the other license for the user immediately after the error.
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