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CMS-XML KM-Dim7: How to move Oracle database files from existing server to another and separate them into multiple file systems.
The instructions begin with moving the installation from one server to another and creating a new empty database. The database is exported from the source installation using the COMPRESS=Y option, and is then imported into the target system. Once this is complete, the database files are then moved between volumes.
CMS-XML Multi=line fields when exported and imported can double the apparent Carriage Returns
Multi -line (ex: journal ) fields with blank lines in it can appear to be double spaced when exported to a file and imported from that file .
CMS-XML Dim10: How to export preference settings in RAD to multiple users machines?
To import a preference file: Select File > Import . In the Import wizard select General > Preferences and click Next.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: How to setup multiple PC*Client machines with the same customized views
This file can then be imported by other PC Clients to adopt the same preference settings by using the menu in Start -> Programs -> PCMS Server-> Migration Utilities -> INI File to Registry. The references to "Windows 3.1x" in the dialog boxes can be disregarded; the export/import process will work on Windows NT/95.
CMS-XML How To: Setting Up Multiple Choice Fields That Have Share Values, But the List of Choice Is Long
9) Verify that remaining data in the import file was assigned to the Tracker choice field by invoking Tracker Admin, opening the Fields tool, selecting the appropriate project and double clicking the choice field in question. You should see the imported values.
CMS-XML SBM: After merge, importing process app fails with "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
Cause: The msd file contained several RESTCaller.wsdl files , one of them having a port type named "RESTCaller2" instead of "RESTCaller". Workaround: Contact support with a copy of your MSD file for help to repair the file.
CMS-XML How To: JPN Use Japanese VM archives in English VM, import/adding considerations
Delta generation and Compression of Japanese text files appears to function fine, as indicated by tests in moving multiple archives with multiple versions back and forth and checking out and in repetitively, from Japanese to English, then back to Japanese operating systems. Finally, first do a backup of both the English archives and the intended Japanese input before adding these new archives to the English VM. (Win95J with VM5.3J for Japanese; and WinNT-En with VM6.0-En were used for this testing.)
CMS-XML Configuration Files, Web Interface Templates, JavaScript Files, and String Changes That Have Changed in 2009 R4
<string xml:space="preserve" version="904000514" resname="IDS_ IMPORT _TITLEMAPFIELDS">You may map one foreign field to multiple SBM fields, or you may map several single-value fields to one SBM multi -selection or multi -relational field. This Wizard will check your mappings.</string>
CMS-XML Dim RM 12.x: Import CSV - Error(2061) - Failed to store object. Mandatory attribute value is missing for attribute named:
If you attempt to import requirements from a CSV file where a group attribute is defined and one of the attributes has more than one value, the following error occurs:
CMS-XML DIM RM: Problem with bullet in html attribute and excel export
Importing the Excel file with RM Import creates multiple new requirements. Importing the CSV with RM Browser only creates one requirement.
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