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... on 56 columns 24 comments 109 constraints 108 copying columns from 52 copying rows from 53 creating 102 creating from model 38, 103 creating views of 56 creating views over 104 data capture options 108 database name 25 DB2List 21 deleting rows from 55 deselecting columns in 64 ... 52 operations on multiple tables 37 primary ... operations on 53 searching 90 selecting 34, 46 selecting columns in 61 selectively printing columns from 70 size 24 sorting 87 status 45 table list counts 31 table list processing 21 table name 24 table space name 25 utility options 42
CMS-XML Advanced search does not show values on single and multi-selection fields
Single and Multi selection fields with allowed search don't show the values on Advanced Search .
CMS-XML TT66: Reported Defect DEF111913: Searching on a Multi Relational Field now automatically selects the 1st value: Issue fixed in TT661
TT66: Reported Defect DEF111913: Searching on a Multi Relational Field now automatically selects the 1st value : Issue fixed in TT661
CMS-XML Advanced Search lookup tool doesn't select correct values.
Searching on a multi -dependent field in Advanced Search by using the lookup tool will result in all issues associated with the multi -dependent field being returned instead of the selected values . An extra space is being placed above the selected values in the selection list.
CMS-XML Auxiliary table listing report not displaying Multi-User field values for search filter
When a listing report is created for an auxiliary table and a search filter is created for a Multi -User selection field in the auxiliary table, the Multi -User values are not displayed to be selected in the search filter.
CMS-XML Previously selected values no longer selected when selecting additional values in a multi-relational field
When an item has a searchable multi -relational field with previously selected values and the item is updated or transitioned, using advanced value searching (icon next to Find button) to add additional selections to the multi -relational field causes the previously selected values to no longer be selected .
CMS-XML How to get values for multi select fields using a web service orchestration.
In our example we use the GetItem method that finds one particular SBM item. In this item there is a multi select field called "MyMultiRel"
CMS-XML Reports: Values in Search Filter conditions are removed after a Promote for multi group fields
Got to the repository and create a snapshot Promote that snapshot back the same or a different environment selecting the report created above in the entity selector. After the promote finishes edit the report and note that the selection are missing and will need to be reapplied.
CMS-XML "(None)" value for multi-relational fields in report search filters does not display when editing reports
When editing a report that has a search filter on a multi-relational field that includes the "(None)" value selected, that "(None)" value does not display in the search filter. There is a blank line on the right side of the value selection box that represents the "(None)" value , but it only works sometimes to remove it by removing the blank selection . The only way to fix it for sure is to remove all the selected values and add back the ones you want.
CMS-XML Modifying search filter criteria options loses values
Create a Listing report Add a search filter for a multi - select or single relational field Make a few selections and click OK
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