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CMS-XML ModScript cannot correctly process dates prior to EPOC
Currently TimeMillis and TimeT do not support date values previous to 1/1/1970
CMS-XML ModScript : Make it easier to convert Variant Date to TimeT
Trying to create a script that compares the current date to a date field and check for how long ago the field value was is very difficult.
CMS-XML AppScript/ModScript use incorrect locale for display of dates after upgrade to 11.7.1
If you find after upgrading to 11.7.1 that your date formats in appscript or modscript suddenly switch from your selected locale to one of the English varieties this is an unintended consequence of a change to resolve other locale issues. A fix will be available in a later release. For specific instructions on how to work around this, contact Support
CMS-XML Modscript: How to subtract two dates
This is the important part, we can convert Variants that represent Date/Time values to a floating point using CDbl, then subtract one from the other to get difference. The value will represent integer days and fractions of a day. You can use Abs( ... ) to get the absolute value if you do not care which value is bigger.
CMS-XML modscript time errors when calling from a transition called by a web-service
modscript time errors when calling from a transition called by a web-service
CMS-XML SBM: ModScript Now() function writes wrong time after changing the OS time zone
SBM supports a Now() function for converting SBM AppScript to SBM ModScript. The Now() function gets the current time as per the OS time zone.
CMS-XML ModScript: TimeTDate() does not return a TimeT set to midnight UTC
This does not work correctly for all date formats/locales. The workaround is to use TruncateToDateOnly() on the field.
CMS-XML ODBC import sets Submit Date and Last Modified Date to the words "Minus 1000"
Add a pre-import modscript to existing Database Import Option Set. The script should set the two fields to their default values, like this:Shell.Item().SetFieldValue("SUBMITDATE", "Auto" );
CMS-XML Not possible to use AppScript to update either the date fields in TS_FILE_OBJS
If you are using 11.3+ then you work around this problem by using ModScript , which can issue SQL commands. You could write an SQL command to update the TS_ADDDATE and TS_LASTUPDATEDATE columns in the database after adding these records.
CMS-XML DynaZIP date format
DynaZIP date format
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