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CMS-XML Dim10: VM2DIM: How to clean up old unused migrations before running a second time.
4. Now, go to Edit/Find/ Items and select the Product . Select Open to open all items in a new window.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Checking the defined Item Types for each product against the "Assignment of File Format to Item Types"
When using the Data Migration Utility you can have failures if the assignment of File Format to Item Types have not been made properly. Checking this on the Process Modeler could be a very tough task especially if you have a great number of Type to Format assignments.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: How to fetch all items from a product
download [ -n [ -s script-file ] ] [ -r ] [ -W workset-spec ] [ -D workset-dir ] [ -f rule ] [input-file] Additional information can be found in the Data Migration Utilities manual.
CMS-XML DS2DIM migration - Steps to properly configure the Item Types in Dimensions
2 Select Configuration Object Management | Upload rules 3 Expand the Dimensions Clients node and select the product to which you are migrating the files, for example QLARIUS.
CMS-XML Dim12: VM2DM: Multiple revisions are showing in history of the migrated items.
5. Save the changes. Do this for each Item Type for this Product .
CMS-XML Dim12: VM2DM Migration: Warning: baseline detail file: SAMPLE-BaselineDetail\SAMPLE-SAMPLE_LABEL_GAP_RE1 & GAP_RE3 _QA.detail not found
The second error which you are receiving of: Error: Label SAMPLE:SAMPLE_LABEL_GAP_RE1 & GAP_RE3 _QA (1 revisions), Baseline SAMPLE:SAMPLE_LABEL_GAP_RE1 & GAP_RE3 _QA (0 items) -- mismatch in product SAMPLE is also related to the first and how we do the validations. The mismatch in the product in this case is indicated because we are unable to validate the label and baseline.
CMS-XML VM2DM: After performing a migration of data from Version Manager, the history of the migrated items shows the revisions twice.
2. Select the Item Type from the left pane and change to the Attribute tab. 3. Drill down on the VCS_ARCHIVE_NAME or edit the attribute. 4. Under the Revision section of the Attribute, note the following: Stored per revision, default as specified (this is the default of the Migration utility) Stored per revision, default to previous revision (this will keep the value of which we migrated in) 5. Save the changes. Do this for each Item Type for this Product .
CMS-XML Tips on Field Mappings for Tracker to TeamTrack Migrations
Some fields often cause questions or confusion when mapping Tracker data into TeamTrack when using the data import. For more information on migrating data from Tracker to TeamTrack, also see the Tracker Product News page on the Serena Support web site for other frequently asked questions, as well as a migration demonstration video.
CMS-XML Using the Data Import Wizard
If you are starting a Tracker to TeamTrack migration you will also want to check Tracker Product News page on the Serena support site for other frequently asked questions, as well as an migration demonstration video.
CMS-XML Dim10: VM2Dim: Baselines are not being imported when running the VM to Dimensions Migration Utility
In the Baselines.log.html file, the following error may occur: AIWS "< prod >:< Item Spec>;<Rev>" /WORKSET="< Prod >:<Temp_Workset>" 2384-Error: The specified item revision is not in the project <Prod>:<Workset>
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