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CMS-XML Dim CM 14.4: "Error: Unexpected end of data for COPY command" - generated when migrating a Dimensions schema from Oracle to PostgreSQL
Dim CM 14.4: " Error : Unexpected end of data for COPY command " - generated when migrating a Dimensions schema from Oracle to PostgreSQL
CMS-XML Dim10: FI command does not work when only the product name is specified in the item spec. An error of 2384-Error: The specified item is not in the project occurs
To reproduce 1. Run a fetch in Desktop Client 2. Copy and paste the generated FI command into an editor, and modify the item spec so that it only contains the product name
CMS-XML Dim CM: Error "VRS3202202E Path is not unique" when attempting to delete duplicate folder structure created by adding a new item
To resolve this problem you need to make use of the fix_conflicts command which is part of the u141check utility. For example:
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: 2401-Error: Cannot move item to delta library occurs when performing the Move Item Type or MIT command
Is on a named branch that remotely owned e.g. the item has been replicated (see Replicator User's Guide). Is in the Dimensions OFFLINE state (see ART User's Guide). Is a Dimensions IPD.
CMS-XML Dim: PCM0005658E Error: You are not allowed to use this command
This error may be received from nearly any of the Dimensions CM clients (desktop, web client, command line, etc.). It may also be the result of many different operations, such as Get Copy , Check-Out, Return Item , etc..
CMS-XML KM-DIM10:Build Request is being picked up the wrong revisions of an item related to a Req
Dimensions CM 10.1.3 User can reproduce on Dimensions Desktop Client console command mode and files has downloaded to work area but with the wrong reviesions For example
CMS-XML Version Manager: PCLI errors when users forget to specify files or projects when using PCLI commands.
Vlog: This command requires one or more projects or versioned items to report. VmCopy: This command requires one or more items to copy . For example, when running the Get command to to retrieve files out of the "/Oracle" folder I ran into the following error:
CMS-XML 2009Rx / 12.x : Get of load item to z/os => MDHFSY4700005W msg: cp: FSUMF352 Warning: IEWBIND function "SAVEW" had return code 4 and reason code 83000606
If you rerun a link of the object module, you will get also this error. During the Get command , as the copy command cp is running with -x parameter then it invokes the binder/link-editor which has surfaced these errors in this case. You have to fix this link-edit issue first to generate a correct load then reload it in Dimensions and retry a Get.
CMS-XML On Application Admin panel CMNCLRST line commands 'I' (insert) and 'R' (repeat) are not working
In v5.3.5, on Application Admin panel CMNCLRST (option A.A.8), when the user tries to insert ( 'I') or repeat ('R') a line to add a new site a 'Process Error ' is generated in the upper right corner (PF1 error message: CMN5370I - Promotion site information must be deleted first).
CMS-XML DM2009R2 - Relating baselines after initial state using /INFO fails with error ACL0004578E
Please find below the steps required to reproduce the defect showing the missing info relationship as the documentation for the RBBL command clearly states that a usage of flag / INFO is allowed: 1. Login to CMTYPICAL 2. create two baselines in a project CBL "QLARIUS:BL1" /PART="QLARIUS:QLARIUS.A;1" /TEMPLATE_ID="ALL_ITEMS
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