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CMS-XML Clarification on auto-sizing and manual-sizing of journal and memo text fields on transition forms in runtime
Dynamic field auto-sizing Works only on rich- text enabled fields Works in all versions of SBM 10.1.4 and later
CMS-XML Text Field maximum size limit
In Oracle, text fields are stored in Oracle columns as type CLOB, but TeamTrack limits the content to only 64K. Beginning with TeamTrack, you can now utilize up to 262,143 bytes for CLOB-Enabled text fields (including journal and memo fields).
CMS-XML Multi-Byte Characters and Text Field Size
Characters are stored in the database as bytes. If users are entering multi-byte characters into Text fields, Memo and Journal fields are limited to 64,000 bytes and Fixed Length fields are limited to the number of bytes specified as characters. For example, if you set a fixed length of 80 characters for a Text field and users are entering data in a multi-byte language such as Traditional Chinese (Big-5), the number of actual characters allowed may be less than 80.
CMS-XML Text sizes change for Text field on custom form using Styles based on typing into the field or focused on another field
Text sizes change for Text field on custom form using Styles based on typing into the field or focused on another field
CMS-XML Unable to set text style and size on Field Labels at deploy
Under certain circumstances, but especially when a default value for Size or Style of font on a Field Label has been made, any other setting of a Field Label may be ignored.
CMS-XML Scroll bars on state forms for memo and journal fields not visable until mouse-over
When scroll bars are necessitated on fixed size journal and memo text fields (where text content exceeds allotted space), the scroll bars are not immediately visible until you mouse-over the field. This only appears to happen on state forms and when using IE10 or 11 with HTML5 on.
CMS-XML Text Field Fixed Length size contains the wrong value inside the database.
If you have a Fixed Length TEXT field defined as 4, when you deploy, the DB and field length is set to 45 and not 4 as stated in Composers field definition.
CMS-XML ALM Connector: encrypt.cmd gives error "Illegal key size"
While following the configuration steps for the ALM Connector, you must run the encypt command to encrypt plain text passwords. The following error can occur when running encrypt.cmd:
CMS-XML Tablesand Images overrun Page size when published to Word
When including several text type requirements in document grid view, the requirements, especially those containing images, can overrun the page size when published.
CMS-XML Right-Click options not working on selected text in Add Note
When using the Add Note or Send Email actions in the area where you can add text you get the formatting options bar where you can set font size , font color, bold etc. Once you have text there you are unable to select the text and use the right mouse click copy/paste/delete functionality. You can select text and use ctrl V, ctrl X and ctrl C but once you right click the mouse the highlighted text is no longer highlighted and the right mouse click options do not work.
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