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CMS-XML SBM: Limiting the number and type of file attachments - Error "The number of Files has exceeded the maximum number allowed. Maximum: ( 100 ), Total: ( 100 )"
SBM: Limiting the number and type of file attachments - Error "The number of Files has exceeded the maximum number allowed. Maximum : ( 100 ), Total: ( 100 )"
CMS-XML RM11.2.x : what is the max number of values possible per requirement in a group attributes ?
What is the max number of values per requirement we can enter in a group attributes ? (Screenshot attached )
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Error: ORA-01630: max # extents reached in temp segment for tablespace
Execute the oracle_sizing script to determine the size and the default storage parameters for the PCMS_TEMP tablespace. Note that the default storage parameters of greatest interest are: INITIAL, NEXT, MAXEXTENTS and PCTINCREASE. The oracle_sizing script is located in $PCMS_ROOT/dbase/oracle_sizing.sql (or if your version of Dimensions CM does not contain it it is also attached to this article) and can be executed as follows:
CMS-XML Accessing attachments show them with zero bytes when using SQL Server Replication.
This issue only occurs when using SQL Server Replication. The maximum size of the attachments /custom form will be dictated by the number set in your SQL Server Properties under " Max Text Replication Size". Any attachment greater than this number will show the above symptoms.
CMS-XML TRKINET: Errors, kill WWW service when attaching files over 64 Kb. Trace file error: SQL State=37000 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Length of text, ntext, or image data (76912) to be replicated exceeds configured maximum 65536
This SQL server was set up for replication to another server, and there is a 64k limit on replicating objects. User needs to increase this limit as follows: max text repl size Option Use the max text repl size option to specify the maximum size (in bytes) of text and image data that can be added to a replicated column in a single INSERT, UPDATE, WRITETEXT, or UPDATETEXT statement.
CMS-XML Error When Adding Images in Rich Text-Enabled Fields
Users will receive an error when adding an image in a rich text-enabled field if the maximum number of file attachments for the item has been reached. This value is set in the TS_SYSTEMSETTINGS MaxFileObjSelections entry.
CMS-XML Reported Defect: DEF115379 - Attachment size setting in the TT Admin has no impact to the actual size supported in Linux or Solaris
property in file odbc.ini.wire. The maximum attachment size setting in
CMS-XML 11.2.x : what is the maximum length of a value of an list type field ?
see the screenshot in attach , what is the maximum length of a value (like ‘Passed’, ‘Failed’ ….) of list type field ?
CMS-XML Adding RFC to Release Train gives error "Query would have returned more records (1092) than the maximum allowed by the system (1000)."
To address this problem, you can add an additional filter to the list of items. In this example, we will add a filter that will return only RFC items that are not already attached to a Release Train and are still Active.
CMS-XML S906-08 abend on module SERRECAL running IMPACT job (CMNIA000)
"An error was detected during processing of a LINK(X), XCTL(X), ATTACH(X), or LOAD macro. The CDE (contents directory element) use count, indicating the number of LINK(X), XCTL(X), ATTACH (X), or LOAD requests for a module, is greater than the allowable maximum , which is 32767."
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