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CMS-XML JavaScripts or Form Actions used to set the value of a date/time field may insert an incorrect time that does not respect your defined time zone and defaults to UTC.
Defaulting a date/time field by transition ... If you need to use JavaScripts or Form Actions in your use case, the easiest solution to set an appropriate time zone directly on each user account in mass by running a SQL query to update the TS_TIMEZONE column for every record in the TS_USERS table with a query like the following: update TS_USERS set TS_TIMEZONE = 'US/Eastern' where TS_TIMEZONE is NULL
CMS-XML Possible System Hang or performance issue - Using Mass Update will allow the "button" to re-submit the form to post the request multiple times
When transitioning large numbers of items via mass update, it is possible to hit the 'button' and re-submit the form post repeatedly. The more items you are transitioning the more likely you are to this as you will see a longer delay on the form. Hitting this multiple times can cause the system to get all locked up while these multiple requests are going against the same records.
CMS-XML Date/time fields display inappropriate values on mass transition
When doing a mass transition to update a date-only and a time -only field, the date field inappropriately shows 12/30/1899 and the time inapproprately shows 12:00:00 AM on the mass -transition form (which should be blank). This happens if the field in question is set to a calculation based on other date or time fields.
CMS-XML Random updates happening to items - these updates are in the change history and there will be a modifier and modified date/time but no changes indicated
Another symptom of this may be that the SLA processing is affected and the SLA Widget is delayed in being updated. All items submitted from the time of the mass update did not show an sla status until after IIS had been restarted and overnight.
CMS-XML Mass update in Work Center
You can change the same field value or execute the same transition on multiple items at the same time . For example, you can transition multiple items to an "assigned" state at once.
CMS-XML CreateFileAttachment on a synchronous orchestration run via mass update times out when run on a state
"Slow Web Service Call: Duration (ms)=59922 Address=http://servername:80/gsoap/gsoap_ssl.dll?sbmappservices72 Operation=CreateFileAttachment Class:org.jbpm.bpel.integration.client.SoapClient[org.jbpm.bpel.integration.server.SerenaDurationLoggerImpl]" Increasing webservice time in Administrator makes no difference. The breaking factors here seem to be:
CMS-XML Enabling Cache on aux tables break Mass Update.
Next Mass update fails with an error of: 'FIELD' has an invalid selection. Please select a valid value to complete this transition. IISRESET will allow you to run the mass update one more time .
CMS-XML Removing "null" related errors from a Project Database introduced by using Java 6 Update 10 (or newer) with a VM I-Net web client that did not support it
If your workspace is not the Root Workspace, find the highest level workspace that still has the problem (as values can also be inherited from parent workspaces). Do this by closing the Properties dialog, using File ->Set Workspace to change your workspace to the parent of the currently selected one, and going back to step 2. Should the "null" values disappear, reselect the previous workspace, as that will be the point of origin. Most of the time the problem will be in the Root Workspace itself.
CMS-XML Post Job gives "Actual Finish is invalid without Actual Finish Date"
In this case the investment with investment id 123456 is causing the problem. Run the following script against the PPM database and substitute the investment id below and then re-run the Post Job. Update PES_ProjectTask SET tsk_ActualFinish = Null Where obj_ProjectUID = 123456
CMS-XML Get error "This fixed-duration task must change its duration for this assignment" at Source) opening task plan.
update PES_ProjectTask set tsk_Work= 0 where obj_ProjectUID='777' and tsk_Work is null and tsk_ActualWork is not null
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