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CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Does Dimensions track user login history? Yes with DM_USER_AUDIT_LOGFILE set in dm.cfg
KM-Dim9: Does Dimensions track user login history? Yes with DM_USER_AUDIT_LOGFILE set in dm.cfg
CMS-XML MCLG: How to tell if a purge of the audit log is still running on Oracle.
You should be able to login to the Oracle console mananger and follow these steps: Please follow the steps to find out the last running SQL Statement. 1.
CMS-XML How to output logs of login access attempts
If you are interested in adding a separate access log then please like the following Idea on the Micro Focus Community: Add security audit logging to gather login info - Micro Focus Community - 2739134 Here are samples of NoSQL commands that will find authentication requests. All login attempts
CMS-XML Does PVCS Version Manager have an audit feature?
Yes, this data is logged in the file change.log
CMS-XML Purging the audit log history impossible to cancel permanently on SQL Server and can cause deadlocks with Oracle - java.exe CPU 100% even after restarting
If you purge an audit log in application administrator and then decide to cancel it then the purge activity keeps restarting itself (Stopping JBOSS and rebooting server makes no difference). Contact Support for information on how to stop this activity permanently.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: How to generate user login log file
This function can be enabled by set the symbol DM_ AUDIT _CMD_USAGE in DM.CFG to true Also uncomment the below symbols: DM_INTERNAL_AUDIT_CMD_FILE %DM_LOGGING_DIR%cmdLogfile.log
CMS-XML Error #-12: Bad Login.
dmsys@st-sup-osl1:~/CMNDS> /home/dmsys/CMNDS/cmnaudit -h:wh02397 -u:SExton -p:test -v ChangeMan DS Audit Trail Command, Version 5.7.2
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.0
database query error Transfer- Production file(s) show tampered status Transfer- File transfer failure causes zero length files and incorrect entry in Audit Upgrade- Web Client groups overlaid Win32 client defined groups User/Group Config- Using blank Password with Trust Network Login and Restrict By Network Login options doesn't work User/Group Config- Configuration is hanging when adding a new user with 'web' box selected
HTML Serena TeamTrack for ChangeMan ZMF Solution Readme
5.0 Fixed Issues When users incorrectly enter their TSO password on the Package Create, Promote, and Audit functions, they now receive a message indicating a login error.
PDF Serena ChangeMan DS Administrator Guide
AS/400 Communication Agent advanced configurations 212 starting manually 219 stopping 219 ASCII to EBCDIC conversion, OS/390 213 attaching scripts to areas 160, 181 Attachments node, permission to access 94 Audit Permissions 102, 103 Audit Trail approve and delete permissions 104 permission to access 93 authenticated SMTP 67 encoded password 68 authenticating logins 52 authorization list adding groups 146 adding users 146 removing groups 146 removing users 146 user permissions 147 AutoDoc, area property 137 automatic notification, area signoffs 158 B
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