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CMS-XML Avoiding S0c4's in VSAM for package/component master, recovery, log and other VSAM files especially during times of high number of Change Man users (including batch jobs)
This represents the number of request parameter lists or RPL's that can be used concurrently for that VSAM dataset. Each user causing I/O to a VSAM dataset (package master or log file) will use an RPL. If the number of users is greater than the specified STRNO, dynamic RPL's will be acquired. In some cases, associated control blocks used by VSAM are freed during usage of the dynamic RPL and abends will occur attempting to reference one of the associated control blocks (IOPLH).
PDF ChangeMan SSM 8.3.4 Installation Guide
4 Log on to the host and verify that the new host files have the proper record format, logical record length, and block size. 5 Proceed to "Expand Host Target Files" on page 185 to receive the files on the host. Expand Host Target Files
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: ORA-00209: control file blocksize mismatch, check alert log for more info
ORA-00209: control file blocksize mismatch, check alert log for more info occurs usually when the db block size has been modified in the init<SID>.ora file.
CMS-XML MCLG: Netscape error ''Access to the port number given has been disabled for security reasons'' when logging into Collage
The Netscape browser, by default, disables several ports. The port where Collage was installed was one of these blocked ports and Netscape cannot access it.
CMS-XML SDA: How to configure tomcat to start a new logfile when the current log file becomes a certain size
It is possible to configure tomcat to "swallow" the output and direct it through the log4j software. To do this, locate the <context> block . Within the Serena Common Tomcat, you may wish to use the <context> block that is located in <tomcat-root>/conf/context.xml.
CMS-XML Errors in logs containing the word ModSecurity
You will need to review your configuration files to determine if your particular pertains to a valid block or needs reconfiguring. Further information to Configure this is in the Configurator help.
CMS-XML PF3 from HIST editlog display incorreclty displays FDM log
000005 PDS061I AMASPZAP update history by CSECT - 000006 PDS067I Member has 1 IDR blocks with space for 19 IDR entries 000007 PDS068I 0 IDR entries are in use; 19 are available for use
CMS-XML 12.x /14.x / Linux : after changing tomcat port from 8080 to 80, got the error "Permission denied" in tomcat log
this occurs despite port 80 is opened and there is no firewall blocking that port. Then, what is causing this ? how to fix it ?
CMS-XML Sernet Activity Log and monthly reporting feature.
See Q5 in the FAQ below. The dataset defined on the SERPRINT DD should be defined as a PDS or PDSE. It should be defined with 10 cyls and 45 directory blocks , with a DCB of RECFM=FBA, LRECL=133, BLKSIZE=0.
PDF Build Logs
For time zones representing a GMT offset value, the following syntax is used, “GMT Sign Hours:Minutes” where Sign is one of ‘+’ or ‘-‘, Hours has the form of ‘Digit’ or ‘Digit Digit’, and Minutes has the form ‘Digit Digit’. Hours must be between 0 and 23, and Minutes must be between 00 and 59. The format is locale independent and digits must be taken from the Basic Latin block of the Unicode standard.
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