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CMS-XML SRA: 4.5 How to debug the agent, showing connected but not online
Modify the second line in the file from log 4 j .rootLogger= WARN , file to
CMS-XML SRA: How to install and run an agent as a non root user on Linux/UNIX systems
17. If the agent remains stubbornly as CONNECTED and not ONLINE then change the rootlogger param in log 4 j .properties on the agent directory from WARN or INFO to DEBUG , then stop and start agent and check agent log file for messages.
CMS-XML How to change logging level in the SSO-Idp.log file
... to change the logging level of the SSO ... to increase the logging for debugging . In order to change the logging , you need to edit the ' log 4 j .properties' ... The possible logging levels , in order, are: (the most) ALL, TRACE, DEBUG , INFO, WARN , ERROR, FATAL, OFF (the least) There are several different areas of logging , so you may wish to change the setting in all areas or just particular areas.
CMS-XML How to capture detailed logs for the RM QC Sync engine integration – Dim RM 10.1.4, 2009 R1.01, 2009 R2
... - Capturing Detailed Logs ... for the file log 4 cpp.conf ... Edit log 4 cpp.conf ... ... the file RTM log 4 cpp config: log 4 j .rootCategory= DEBUG log 4 j .category.icBrowser= WARN , log 4 j .category.SyncEngine= WARN , log 4 j .category.rtmService= WARN , log 4 j .category. ... ... to change the logging to DEBUG mode for the ... log 4 j .category. ... DEBUG " log 4 j .appender. ... About 4 lines lower please ...
CMS-XML SDA: Debugging a server and/or an agent
Server Logs and database Backup Clear Tomcat logs ... \server\ log 4 j .properties ... Change the line log 4 j .rootLogger= ... to log 4 j .rootLogger= DEBUG Zip tomcat logs Compress the logs and send them Agent Logs Edit log 4 j .properties ... \agent\ log 4 j .properties On the 2nd line: replace the text WARN with DEBUG Clear logs e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Serena\Release Automation Agent\core\var\ log ... Compress the logs and send them
CMS-XML SDA: values for debugging LDAP connection issues in SDA
SDA: log 4 j .properties values for debugging LDAP connection issues in SDA
CMS-XML log4j warning in serena vm application server
log 4 j warning in serena vm application server
CMS-XML SRA:4.5.1: DEF245931: download artifact plugin reports log4j appender warnings
log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpClient).log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly.log4j:WARN See log 4 j /1.2/faq.html#noconfig for more info
CMS-XML How to increase RLM logging in alm.log
... \classes\ log 4 j .properties Search and replace "ERROR" with " DEBUG ". ... Other logging levels include the following from most to least verbose: ... DEBUG ... WARN ... If you turn up logging for too long, the log could grow very large. It may be helpful to also turn on rolling logs . These are logs that are started over every day, saving 30 days of previous logs . ... <file>$/ logs /alm.log</file>
CMS-XML Enabling additional debug logging for issues during promotion of Workcenter objects
3. Go to \SBM\Common\Tomcat 7.0\server\default\conf\ 4 . Open log 4 j .xml 5. Find this section
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