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CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Error: Failed to connect to the dimensions server, invalid database connection parameters -at PC Client login.
User needs to make sure the Database login id or PCMSDB variable are set correctly. Check user_name and pcms_db in users_profile to make sure the values that user is entering for user id and database id are valid, or that PCMSDB value is valid for the user id.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: How to run pnmake from PC*Client without being prompted for a database connection login
LOCAL is the NT equivalent to TWO_TASK. If this fails check the variables are set at the command line using 'set'. You will also need to copy the license.dat
PDF Serena Dimensions CM Installation Guide for Windows
2 Login into CM. If the login is successful the ... 1 Login as a user ... ... the installation to fail . 1 Login as a user ... ... populate the client login dialog boxes. 6 Check the log file ... ... CONN Specifies the database connection -id to ... 1 Login as a user ... ... Access Card SSO logins change the location ... ... the smart card login option available in ... 1 Login as a user ... ... -installation tasks login to CM as ... Checking a Server Installation Check the installation logs ... 2 Check that the following ... ... Dimensions Listener Service fails to start automatically ...
PDF Administrator’s Guide
... DSN dim10 FAILURE -1 PLATFORM ... Database Connectivity Mechanisms ... \dfs\ listener.dat and check that the - ... 3 Edit %DM_ROOT%\dfs\ listener.dat to ensure that: ... <user> is the value of the -user parameter in %DM_ROOT%\dfs\ listener.dat <pwd> is the corresponding user password ... <username> The login -id of the user who will act as base database manager for this Dimensions CM base database.
PDF Serena Dimensions CM Installation Guide
... If this installation fails , check the contents of ... ... the installation to fail . * Check that all Windows ... ... using a valid login in the Dimensions ... * Check that you entered ... listener.dat file contained in ... ... , see request checking DB2 UDB ... 313 checking Oracle RDBMS version ... logging in 133, 227 ... logging in 133, 227 ... logging in 132, 216 ... logging in 132, 216 ... ... 419 starting and checking local DB2 ... 438 starting and checking remote DB2 ... ... Windows agent 212 checking correct functioning of ... checking correct functioning of ...
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Login Failure: No more servers available. Communications error has occurred.
This error occurs when the maximum number of dmappsrv processes that can be spawned has been reached according to the value in the listener.dat . Please check this file and increase the value of the "-max" parameter. Then restart the Dimensions listener and check that the users can login correctly.
CMS-XML When logging into Mariner, user has error "Logon Failed: Unable to connect to database"
The database connection information is not correct. To verify this information, check the PPM\Mariner\web.config file.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Log In Failure. Could not connect to machinename
On the adminconsole login user get below error: Log In Failure ... Please check that you have the machine name (and port number) for the server correct, and that the server is completely started. ... tracedir could be found from Listener.dat where located in <DM_ROOT>/DFS
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: User keeps getting remote node logon dialog
Logging in to remote node ... If this fails , then you need to make sure there is an x bit set on all the directories down the hierarchy to the $DM_ROOT/prog dir for the user. The auth command / PC Client remote node login will try to invoke dmlibsrv process under that user id on the node, so if this user cannot execute in any dir in the hierarchy, this behavior will result. If directory perms are OK, and this problem persists, then check if tracing is turner on in listener.dat
CMS-XML Database connection is invalid or corrupt troubleshooting
... when receiving the Database connection is invalid or ... This error should only be thrown from POSession.exe during the check to see if the PO database version is compatible with the client version. ... So if this is failing : - try toggling thenetwork library selection via the Advanced button in the PO Logon dialog - check the version of pesdbtls.dll ... Also, verify that the client machine is getting the correct database connection information: ... You can also check this value on a machine that is working to make sure the client machine is pointed to the right place.
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