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CMS-XML Dim RM 11.2.4: A script alert is generated when running IE 8 for long running queries
It has been observed that when creating a requirement in the editable grid, and attempting to select an attribute for a valid list , an IE alert appears asking the user
CMS-XML performClearFieldValue() fails when run against single-list multiselection field
Running HTML5 off, and running the JSAPI function performClearFieldValue() against a single-list multiselection field. The script seems to assume all such fields are dual- list , has no handling for a single- list , and crashes when it encounters one.
CMS-XML VM: PCLI script to list all labels for a specific revision for an archive.
Usage: pcli run -sGetAllLabelForRev.pcli "FileName " "Rev
CMS-XML Dim9 and Dim10: SQL Script to list out the Item Type, Item Format mappings
To run the script simply run sqlplus basedb/basedb@oracle_sid @rels.sql
CMS-XML Script error when trying to add more list items to attribute that already has many, many list items
A script on this page is causing IE to run slowly...." When user select Yes to stop the script , it changes some of the list items li_IsOrphan flag in the PES_ListItem table from 0 to 1. On the front end, instead of now seeing ~300 list items, they see only 280. They lose more list items if they continue to click Yes to stop the script.
CMS-XML Some listing reports take longer to render and causes unresponsive script error
listing report should display more than 8 columns. The data appears to be returned and then the browser runs a javascript to format the results. The formatting process takes so long that the browser may think the script is unresponsive and display an "long running script" error.
CMS-XML -Error -'Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'vcs24' running Impl script'
This error occurs when: - an end-user area is defined with a Signoff list ( 2 or greater ) under the ChangeMan DS Edit Area - Under Properties for each user/group in the Signoff list a user/group is added for a specific notification for each Signoff Order.
CMS-XML VM: Example PCLI script to get a listing of files that are currently locked within the PDB and specific information about the lock.
Download and save the attached file and run at the commandline. Instructions on how to run the file is located in the within the script.
CMS-XML Dim: How to run a Dimensions script on a specific machine without having to specify a password for the dmcli client (silent connect)
 /PARAMETERS=(<name1=value1,name2=value2,..., nameN=valueN>) List of keyword and values (possibly arrays of values) to be passed into the template
CMS-XML Troubleshooting: Notification using Run Script does not kick off the AppScript (SBM 10.1+)
This is only an example to get you started. Your exact fix will vary and depend on your script. This is not a complete list of error messages. See the SBM AppScript Reference Guide for complete syntax information and additional information.
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