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CMS-XML Listing reports show items from all projects when a specific project is defined in the report.
Listing reports show items from all projects when a specific project is defined in the report .
CMS-XML Cannot list all report items or move to the next report page
Cannot list all report items or move to the next report page
CMS-XML "All Items I Own" report lists items where user is no longer owner
Items are show in the "All Items I Own" report for a user, even though the user is no longer the owner of the items. This can happen if the user was in a group that was secondary owner of items and the user is removed from the group.
CMS-XML CMN990 report and XML service PARMS GBL LIST not returning the all results data
Note: running the PARMS GBL LIST service via XMLSERVE returns the correct data .
CMS-XML How can I get a listing report that shows items that I own at a high risk of breaking an SLA?
Example of using the Advanced SQL Conditions on a listing report to give all items that a user owners that has a high risk SLA are shown. This example is based on the Service Request Process App delivered as part of SRC but can be changed according to your requirements.
CMS-XML Cannot expand individual listing report items from default collapsed state
It is not possible to expand individual listing report items from the default collapsed state. If one hits the plus sign next to an individual item in such a state of report, nothing happens. If the whole report page is expanded by hitting the 'Expand All ' command , only then an individual item can be toggled between expanded and collapsed states.
CMS-XML Intermittent errors when accessing items or listing report - Error: The connection is broken and recovery is not possible
The connection is broken and recovery is not possible. The client driver attempted to recover the connection one or more times and all attempts failed. Increase the value of ConnectRetryCount to increase the number of recovery attempts.
CMS-XML 66021 and above - Excel export now only exports the value set as "Listing Report Items" in the administrator
If you only have 20 items displayed out of 100,000, it will export the full 100,000. That means that we load all of those issues in memory at the same time. This can quickly consume all available memory.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Reported Defect DEF85654: Cannot select drop down revision list of items related to change documents.
If the change document is related to two revisions of the same item e.g. ;1 as Affected and ;2 as In Response to, ;2 is shown by default which is correct. You can view ;1 by clicking the Expand All icon. However what isn't available is the ability to click on the revision column and show the list of item revisions available.
CMS-XML KM-DVM: Reported Bug: Error appears instead of list of existing items of "Dev Tasks" type in workspace
Expected Result: All existing DevTask items should appear in the workspace.
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