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CMS-XML Script Error in Chrome when Create New&Link called from newly created requirement
This occurs only with a newly created requirement, the work-around is to close and then reopen the requirement dialog whereupon 'Create New & Link ' will work without issue.
CMS-XML Create a new endpoint link is unavailable in Chrome
Create a new endpoint link is unavailable in Chrome
CMS-XML Firefox and Chrome does not automatically tag and render URLs in RTE fields as hyperlinks
When you type or paste a URL into a rich text enabled field in IE, it automatically tags it in the backend to be rendered as a hyperlink and it immediately turns it into a normal blue clickable link . However, in Chrome or Firefox, this does not happen.
CMS-XML issue with Google Chrome and The Build administration in admin console
a) open admin console b) check-out a build configuration c) then change the work area => then the "results for save operation" pop-up is never closed and clicking on "close" button has no effect.
CMS-XML Submit Tree doesn't expand properly in Chrome
User logs into user workspace on Chrome 21, and hits 'Browse And Submit To A Project' link . User expands one project tree and then collapses it. Next time user expands the same project, it's sub-projects appear under a wrong project.
CMS-XML SBM/SSM localisation : Search result navigation links truncated
In Chrome and IE 11 the localised navigation links (i.e. Bavck to results, Next Item, Previous Item, ...) at the top of a displayed item (when opening it from a search result) can get truncated as they are longer as the English strings. Firefox does display the full string.
CMS-XML PDF widget: Add link to download PDF (modern forms)
Some browsers like Chrome , make it difficult to retrieve the PDF file from the PDF widget. We need to improve the functionality for downloading the PDF widget from the browser.
CMS-XML DimCM: PulseUno: When attempting to open a request from within Pulse using the Open in Dimensions CM Web Client, a 'loading' page occurs when using Chrome
When using PulseUno and reviewing a Dimensions CM request, the Open in Dimensions CM Web Client will present a 'loading' page. If a refresh is done, an error of 'There may be problems with requested link ' occurs.
CMS-XML After an upgrade or clicking a link from a notification, customers get an endless loop within the browser
AE uses the loadurl cookie to trigger a redirect to wrap a page in our top level chrome . On occasion a user ends up in an endless loop of redirects because of this. The solution is to delete the cookie.
CMS-XML Actions drop-down list is visible when Quick Links is open in IE6
In SBM 2009, the Actions drop-down list on an item is in front of the Quick Links options in IE6. The problem does not happen in Chrome and Firefox.
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