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CMS-XML Limiting the number of Concurrent Licenses for Groups of Users
For example, you have 20 concurrent VersionManager licenses available for use by 50 users, of whom 20 are off-shore based. You would like to make sure that users in the offshore team cannot consume more than 5 licenses at a time. The remaining users should be able to consume all licenses currently available, which could be up to 20 if none are actively used by the offshore group, or up to 15 if that groups is using their maximum allotment.
CMS-XML How To: #53826: How to use LAFINST to Install Licenses from Diskette
How do I install licenses from my license diskette?
CMS-XML Error: -- #1111 You are not licensed to use this INTERSOLV ODBC driver....
the files (which files I am not sure) up to the shared area on the the shared Windows users are getting the following error:: [INTERSOLV][ODBC Dbase Drive] You are not licensed to use this INTERSOLV ODBC driver
CMS-XML TSV license error if concatenate SLMs and specify port number and one slm down
CMS-XML KB RTM 5.6 License : How to use Fix PORT number for the licensing process
In order for you to have fixed PORT you need to have your license to look like this SERVER <Server Name> <Mac Adress> <PORT Number for LMGRD> ................
CMS-XML Dim 12: Specifying port number in license server string during installation creates incorrect entry in dm.cfg
When installing Dimensions and specifying a license server that runs on a specific port (e.g. the license server is specified as <port>@<server>), then the resulting dm.cfg entry is updated so that DM_ LICENSE is incorrectly set, i.e.: DM_LICENSE @12345@myserver This is incorrect, and requires manual editing post-installation.
CMS-XML SBM Configurator cannot perform License Server Test Connection on SLM quorum or single SLM server with port number
then the Test Connection link on the License Server page of the SBM Configurator will consistently give the error Connection failed , even though the SLM server(s) can be accessed fine.
CMS-XML DASHBOARD: How to enter a new license
If you need to enter a new license for Dashboard because the number of processors has changed or similar please follow the steps below: Go to Workspace Configuration/Monitor
CMS-XML How to prevent named users from using a concurrent license
If the Serena License Manager (SLM) has both named and concurrent licenses for a given license type, named license users that login simultaneously from more workstations than the number of licenses assigned to them will start to consume concurrent licenses . For example, if the user Otto has one named TeamTrack license to his name and logs in from two workstations simultaneously, that user will consume one named license and one concurrent license.
CMS-XML SQL to show all license counts as well as remaining licenses.
The PPM or Agile Admin tool may show you have X number of licenses available but when you try to add a user to a license it may say you don't have any left. The following sql statements can be run against the database to help troubleshoot where the discrepancy may be.
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