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CMS-XML Customer with a newly added Professional license gets licensing errors while trying to use one of the products this package license gives access to
A Professional package license key consists of two components: a PACKAGE line and an INCREMENT line. The customer only applied the INCREMENT line from the license key into the License Manager GUI (SLM). Both lines need to be copied for the key to be usable.
CMS-XML Auto-add users is not working in license quorum
When using a license quorum and want to auto- add users for named licenses , you need to make sure that auto- add is set on all three servers. The license service needs to be stopped and started on all three servers if you need to make a change on one server.
CMS-XML Does SSM 3.0 add a new license type to the Serena License Manager
Licensing is not different from SBM's perspective. The license manager will still use the Seat or Occasional license for SSM or SRC
CMS-XML KM-DIM10: Reported Defect DEF110692: Need to provide prompt to apply license keys before reboot
When the user installed SLM using ALM suite installer and add SLM as a service, after the first reboot the user receives LMGRD encountered error message. This error occurs becasue of empty license key file (e.g serena.lic). The workaround is the user must apply the proper key before rebooting the system.
CMS-XML TRK: Tracker user logs on, the License Manager adds another entry to SQL Server licenses
Eventually this will exhaust the number of available licenses for SQL Server. Logging in through Query Analyzer results in the following entry 'machine name\DBMS login'. This has been reproduced using Tracker 6.0.20 with Merant ODBC 3.5 driver and Tracker 6.5 with Intersolv ODBC 3.0 driver.
CMS-XML Error: -- #1111 You are not licensed to use this INTERSOLV ODBC driver....
(normally in the \Windows\System directory). This should correct the problem. -- Added by Shane DeSeranno on 9/25/97--
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: How to obtain and apply licenses in Dimensions 9.1 and 10.1
4) Add the information into the serena.lic file immediately following the third line from above.
CMS-XML How to prevent named users from using a concurrent license
" pattern used by this application. Lines that match this pattern will be removed, and newly generated ones will be added to the bottom of the file, based on the users.lst file.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: License options file: How to use a Flexlm options file with SLM
And, by default, FlexLM is case sensitive, so case in user id is important. To make FlexLM case insensitive add the following to options file:
CMS-XML VM 8.0: Version Manager is using more than one license, even when the same username is being used
During the import process, the lib, pvcsusers and .prj directories will be added to the new structure and the .ser will be generated based on the contents of the export file.
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